Bringing Changes

By Elie - 8:58 AM

Hello fellow people! I've done something that has made me so proud of myself, I must grab a nice slice of cake today to celebrate. That's right, I now have my own domain so welcome to Shneep's Corner at a brand new URL!

To be honest, I have been dying to grab my own domain name in fears that someone would somehow fall into place and take away the name "Cantuslupus" from me so when Isabel shared it with Tania, Senri and I that Exabytes was doing a great big promotion for bloggers alike, I just knew it was fate running up to me telling me to grab the chance and just do it. If you're new here and you're wondering why the name means so much to me, you definitely need to click on the tab that says "The Original Cantus Lupus" on top.

New header, yay!

Of course, that doesn't seem to be the only change to the blog considering how there's also a spanking new header for the site! Scroll up if you haven't noticed because I spent quite a number of hours on it with my limited knowledge in Illustrator skills and other little factors on my artistic end. Credits all goes to sites such as Freepik and FontSquirrel for all the little additions to the piece. Seriously, they have such extensive libraries of vectors and fonts, it's just amazing!

Additionally, a favicon is under the wraps with that much of a design bug biting me so I thought I might as well get them all changed at once. While I do hope to give the blog a different outlook, I can only do so much and I have bigger qualms of picture sizes and such so I can't be doing that just yet until I discover someone who could help me revamp my blog...for not so much a fee or none at all. I'll buy you coffee with wishful thinking?

Hello, I needed a reason to post this here.

And that's just about the kind of update I have for you now. Welcome to the semi-new space, people. I have never felt more proud of my blog and my own writing. Besides the time I saw my article being printed and framed at an uncle's house anyway.

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