That Bucket List

We've all got wants before we decide to kick the why shouldn't I get one?

Meet Mr.Right
Get married
Have kids
Have friends I can count on
Travel around the world
Learn how to bake
Bake for someone's birthday
Have someone sing me a song
Write a book
Produce a video
Make a snow angel
Go bungee jumping
Watch the sunrise on a beach
Watch the sunset on a beach
Buy my own DSLR
Learn how to use a DSLR
Learn how to play the guitar
Learn how to dance
Learn how to use Photoshop
Lie on an empty road yelling, "THIS IS MY GRANDFATHER'S ROAD!"
Strike a lottery
Win a competition
Earn my own smartphone
Own a lomography camera
Own a polaroid camera
Be in a photo shoot
Dance in the rain
Kiss in the rain
Have a successful career
Sleep for 12 hours straight
Make a difference in someone's life

And a few more to come...when I figure them out anyway...