Behind The Scenes

Everyone has a story to tell.
And this is mine.
Because everyone deserves to know who writes what they read.

I am Elie Lam.
Age is not of importance, really.
People call me Shneep and I've owned that since the year 2007.
I may not be famous but I do what I like.

I used to be the youngest of my family, until a little critter came along.

  Because everyone says blood is thicker than water.
And also because, there can only be one chance in life to appreciate them all.

If you're looking for a friend to know, here's my Facebook link.
If you're looking for a person to stalk, follow me on Twitter.
If you're looking for my curriculum vitae, check me out on LinkedIn.
If you're looking for a copywriter, a reviewer, a person to cover your events,
then just drop me a comment and I'll reply whenever I can!

Facts about me
I'm oddly weird.
Weirdly sophisticated.
Sophisticated but funny.
Funny yet strict.
And in strictness I am friendly.

It sounds like a lot, but it really is pretty simple.
And if you have to know...I speak to my soft toys.
Asides that, I suppose you'll find out when you're friends with me.