The Original Cantus Lupus

Mr. Swithin Armand Monteiro
25.02.1952 - 22.02.2011

Cantus Lupus has been the pen name of the late Mr. Swithin Armand Monteiro; a PR practitioner, a veteran journalist, a husband, a father and a close family friend. 

The Story of My Beginning as inspired by Swithin Monteiro
In the passing of Uncle Swithin, I have been enlightened to speak my mind as it goes and to never let the passion of my writing mind be left to waste. As a tribute for all memories and encouragement he has left me, I began and spoke of whatever that could possibly strike my mind. In time, I have found more than just a liking for writing but also friends of the similar bandwagon. Moments may past but memories will always remain in our hearts; forever. I thank you for my current success in the industry, dearest Mr.Monteiro. God bless.