The Original Cantus Lupus

Mr. Swithin Armand Monteiro
25.02.1952 - 22.02.2011 was created in the year 2011, following the passing of the late Mr Swithin Monteiro, a PR practitioner, a veteran journalist, a husband, a father, and a close family friend. Mr Monteiro, or Uncle Swithin as I had fondly called him was a gentle giant who was always ready to help. He had the biggest heart for his friends and family, and always flashed the brightest smile for everyone he met. 

Today, I am consistently inspired to push my writing to the limits because I was once told that passion only makes things better. I hope that in time my writing will do his pen name justice and if he were still with us, make him a very proud man.

To the very original Cantus Lupus, thank you.

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