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Why hello there, if you're still around my blog. Yes, I'm here with the most random post I could ever think of because I no longer know what's going on about my life that can be interesting enough. Which is why this really isn't so much about my life...or at least I don't think so. With the not-so-recent craze over everything Korean, it's obviously inevitable that one of the things people will fall head over heels for is a k-drama. Or a few of them at a go. And the recent craze?

태양의 후예 (Taeyang-ui Huye) or also known as Descendents of the Sun. 
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Starring the ever so adorable Song Joong-ki and the forever flawless Song Hye-kyo, Descendents of the Sun (DOTS) successfully captured hearts of many girls (and guys) alike within just several weeks of airtime. Everyone had high praises for the series; from the settings to the cast, and the various little factors like the chemistry between characters. Which is why I thought, why not figure out these stages for someone like me who has never been extremely crazy over K-Dramas? 

Stage 1: Ignorance 

Whatever man, I don't need a k-drama to rule my life.
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Like I've mentioned above, I've never been crazy over k-dramas. The last one I've caught was The Heirs which came on TV about 3 years back. Even back then I simply took it easy with watching, and wasn't completely into it. I always thought Lee Min-ho looked great, but gave it an easy shrug and moved on with life. So while my social media feed was getting flooded by news of DOTS, I didn't really bat an eye on it. "Just another k-drama," I thought. And then I moved on with life. 

Stage 2: Interest

You had my interest, you may now have my attention too. 
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Ignorance however did not drag too long, because DOTS seemed to creep into my life more and more. I mean, I had 40% of my friends sharing about it on their Facebook, or talking about how amazing it was on Twitter. Well, you may now have my interest. I wanted to know what this DOTS craze was all about. I wanted to know if it was worth my time. I wanted to see proof for real that DOTS could overrule my life. Which led me to... 

Stage 3: Acceptance 

Acceptance to his baby face, and his gorgeous eyes that melts the toughest of hearts.
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I took in watching DOTS only after it ended, because God forbid that I was not born with the patience of waiting for episodes to be released. I wanted them out all at once so I could decide immediately if I liked it or not. I mean, if you're going to go for something then you might as well go the entire way right? Wrong. It was one of the worst decisions I had made this year (And mind you, I think I made some great ones for as long as 2016 has been running), and I regretted it. Why, you may ask? Because my acceptance became... 

Stage 4: Addiction

I wouldn't stop sharing things.

The first episode led to the second within an hour. And then the third followed with the fourth in two...and then the rest was history. I was officially hooked. I was dreaming of Song Joong-ki and swooning over his baby face. I was drawn into Song Hye-kyo's everlasting beauty; because the woman never ages. I was extremely into the macho vibe that Ji Woo gave out, and I was torn between loving or hating Kim Ji-won's flawless face. I began to imagine what would happen after every episode, and every waking moment when I wasn't watching the series was torture. Read: Work hours. I spoke about the drama animatedly, and couldn't wait till I could comfortably curl under my blanket for my daily dose of DOTS. That was it. My life was over. 

Stage 5: Denial

And just like that, the series left me.
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And if you ever thought having to be addicted to a series was bad, try getting to the END of it. Yes, as much as my life was over, so was the series and I am now suffering from the denial of it ending. I mean, why would anyone write a script only to make it end? Just, why? What would I now with my life since I no longer have a soldier and doctor love story to look forward to? Where would I go for my daily dose of eye candy now? What about their lives AFTER that ending? Shouldn't you show us that too?  

I am not left with the endless replays of the ever-so-addictive OSTs, and little dreams of the characters from DOTS. And what does this tell you, ladies and gentlemen? This tells you...never to play with fire, and never to start on a K-drama. It rules your lives, takes over your dreams, and leaves you wanting more. It tempts you to nothing but doom, and then laughs at your misery for how much you love it. 

Goodbye now, DOTS. 
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Indeed, this was a completely useless update, but I just wanted to remember how much a k-drama has invaded my life. Maybe I'll just watch all 16 episodes all over again, and again, and again. Because I absolutely can.
Days since my last post: I lost count. 

I'm sorry I went missing, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, and I'm sorry! I swear I did not mean to abandon my blog, but there has simply been close to nothing in life to talk about. It's always been the same old schedule, with little to no excitement (Unless you count date days now?) in life to brag about...until yesterday anyway.

And this happened. 

Yes, I took a tiny leap and tons of steps on the streets of Kuala Lumpur yesterday; 21 kilometers of it to be exact. Now if you've stuck around enough, you should know that I am the least athletic person around and I would pick an afternoon snuggled under my blanket binging on my TVB series than to even leave my room. Which is why when I signed up for the #WeRunKL event by Nike Malaysia, my family seemed a little shocked.

Awake at 5 AM on a Sunday, what am I doing with my life? 

As if it wasn't already shocking enough that I was going to brave a 21km run, I also dropped the bomb on them that I would be flagging off at 5:30 AM. On a Sunday. This was coming from the person who would scrutinize the need to leave her bed anytime before 11 AM on Sundays. But this...this was voluntary! *Cue dramatic music* 

Because I don't like to do stupid things alone. 

I obviously didn't want to be all alone for the run, so I sold the idea to my friend Senri who somehow agreed. This marked our second run together, with the first one being two years back at the Penang Bridge International Marathon. And yes, we ran 21kms for that one too. It was nice because we both didn't want to stick to each other, but just didn't want to do it alone at the start or finish line. So we took the leap and split up after we passed the START line, and then looked out for each other at the FINISH line. Not too bad an arrangement, no? 

I tried capturing every marker. 

It was crazy, but I did it. I ran for about 5kms before my knees gave way, 7kms before my chest began to ache, and about 10ks before I decided to no longer run. Then I walked the remaining 11kms. Perhaps this is where I should change the title to #WeWalkKL, right? But the feeling is liberating, and by the end of it all, the sense of achievement feels amazing. 

We snagged our medals. 

I made a leap. 

And now I'm out to believe that if a lazy bum like myself can do a 21km marathon, you can too. Because all you'll need is to remember that you've paid for the marathon, and you didn't pay to give up midway. It worked for me at least. Oh and if you're somehow wondering about my timing...

3 hours and 38 minutes isn't too bad, right? Right.

I mean, at least I finished. 

How are my legs now? Painful. How am I feeling now? Happy. Was this worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. I've conquered it once, I believe I can again. Just not anytime soon.
Days since my last post: 2

Warning: Picture heavy post!

Well here's a quick one because I'm really tired from my day trip to Ipoh, but I couldn't just leave the pictures become unpublished. So today we'll be exploring the camera from the Redmi Note 3! As mentioned, the Redmi Note 3 packs a 16-megapixel camera with f2.0 aperture and a dual LED flash.

Here are several pictures I've taken with the camera so far, and got really impressed with.

Sharp where it has to be, blurred where I wanted it to be.

Capturing even details of scratches.

Colours are really vivid, capturing that line even between the skies and the reds of the building.

Taken during my trip to Malacca a week back. Zero edits, I'm so in love.

The pictures above were taken when the camera was left completely at its own state, which means there was no fiddling with the white balance, no fooling around with the ISO, and no clicking into modes. It was at a point-and-shoot kind of mode, and I got really impressed. Trust me, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to taking pictures (Or a little too stupid to understand the basics), but I can get a little picky with quality.

What I really like with the camera however, is how it captures macro pictures in a jiffy. For instance, I would simply have to tap on what I want focused, and the back just gets blurry by itself. Yay to bokeh pictures in the future! Here's what it looks like when I tried it out:

Loving the crisp details, right down to the colour!
I also fooled around with the Manual mode one day, testing out what it looked like when I took pictures in my room where the lights are yellow and had a little fun with the ISO settings. 

Here's a picture when I did NOTHING to the ISO. I call this the ISO Normal. 

Here it is at ISO 100, significantly darker.

At ISO 200.

At ISO 400.

At ISO 800. I found this to be the most pleasing to the eyes, and the closest to the normal ISO.

ISO 1600. Brighter, but the noise became apparent.

ISO 3600. The noise went haywire, and the picture quality was questionable at this point.

So from what I recall in college, higher ISO levels did help give you brighter quality in pictures BUT the noise (Or grains) becomes very apparent in your pictures. I guess this was proven when I cranked up the ISO on the Redmi Note 3 to the max, giving that extremely grainy photo in the end. I suppose I did enjoy the picture most at ISO 400 and ISO 800, with the latter being the winner in the end. 

Coming back in front, the Redmi Note 3 boasted a 5-megapixel front camera, which meant selfies were going to be pristine and clear. I really needed to put this to the test, and found that pictures under the sunlight fares better than the times when you're indoors. Here's what I caught: 

From inside a ballroom.

Directly in front of sunlight.

And when in the car. I assume my friends will now murder me.

It's safe to say that the picture does get a little grainy when you're indoors, but when your pictures are taken under natural lighting, it's the best you can ever get. I was genuinely amazed by the rate of how the "beauty mode" saved my skin complexion, as it did to my friends too. Colours are still remarkably vivid, but I found it just a tad bit bright when you're directly in the light. I'm all for the picture quality and colour for the photo I took in the car, giving it the closest to a natural selfie I have seen for a while.

Another feature I found interesting on the phone however, was the ability to capture time lapse videos without a fuss. I literally just had to switch it to Video Mode then swiped left for a time lapse feature! Like hello, my sunset time lapses will next time be a reality! Until then, I guess watching the skies turn dark will do:

And the cars whizzing by was interesting too! 

So yes, that's just as much as I fooled around with the camera on the Redmi Note 3! I would assume a whole lot more use on it but I haven't played with it as much, spotting interesting features such as the slow-motion, and a variety of filters to my pictures that I could apply straightaway. Maybe if you'd follow me on Instagram @eliephante, you'll see more of them eventually! Until then, I'll be off for more pictures!

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