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Surprise, this isn't an advertorial but rather a piece to honor all parents who have worked their bums out to make our generation a better living...though we complain about the most insignificant things all the time. Like the times when our phones are hanging or the internet line is dying, really. So here's a post inspired by spending an afternoon with my parents, my father's cousin and his friend over the old times that the new generation would hardly have to experience.

Sleep is for the weak not applicable here.

"I finally knew what it was like to start a family," my father's cousin started. He explained how difficult it was to cough on the first installment of the house but was grateful to come back to an empty home he called his own with his wife and first child. It was an interesting story to me, because I can't imagine a life like that today. Everything, it seemed, was on installments. First the fridge. Then the washing machine. Furniture pieces were gifts; a little from a sister and another from the mother.

Cool kids wear cotton nappies. Also pictured: The best friend.

"I remember when we had to buy diapers!" my father said. Or rather, there were no diapers. There were cotton nappies, painstakingly wrapped around our waists to protect our genitals and washed every time we peed or did the number 2. Diapers were a luxury reserved for outings, perhaps a piece or two every weekend. Today, cotton nappies are a forgotten piece perhaps reserved for the minority who prefers to deal with being economically savvy than for the convenience of dumping. And just so I could brag, I'll just like to say that I can tie a mean cotton nappy.

 Age unknown, but I think I drank lots of milk cause I was fat.

"Do you know how much milk powder used to cost?" my mother asked. A staple, the very best for every child. First there were expensive choices and then there were cheaper alternatives with less gimmicks. DHA and whatever other 'A' things were left out, a baby just had to be fed. They would skimp and scurry, looking for sales and other discounts that they would possibly milk, no pun intended. It is of course, way more expensive today and perhaps cheaper to rear a cow for your child then.

I probably really wanted to grow tall. Clearly didn't happen.

"Oh the nightmare when they all fall sick!" my father's friend piqued. Indeed, these were all parents in front of my eyes. Just as much as we wish they would stop nagging at us to come home early or to rest when it was time as we gallivanted on the empty streets, all they have was to wish that we were healthy and safe, wherever and whenever. Doctor visit were a nightmare, not just for the fact that the bills were high but because they didn't give you a 100% guarantee that you'll be well again. Apparently I nearly died, but I guess it's alright because I made it anyway.


But you know, these are simply the tip of an iceberg that runs deeper into an unknown sea of what a parent does for their child, and I believe that it probably doesn't have an end. So many words are left unsaid on what they have sacrificed for us yet all we have had in return was to ask for more. More holidays, better food, incomparable comforts. We want it all, but we're not looking to strive as much. Perhaps we're a different generation with a different mindset, but to have grown comfortably, where do we find that thought to grow up and mature?

Family: Circa 2013.

So thank you, parents of the world. For your endless nights and sleepless days, for your worries and your words. Thank you all for the love and tender care like no one could offer, for the enjoyment you have brought to us without complains. Thank you for raising us, may our generation see to being just like you someday. And a very Happy Parents' Day to you all.

Inspired by daddy, mummy, Uncle Stanley and Uncle Ka Fook.
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It's the long weekends and there's nothing like updating my blog to celebrate it as it happens. *Throws confetti all around* Just joking, I'd have to clean it up later. And instead of the usual advertorial, I decided that today would be something pretty personal...because I have a friend who claims I write too many advertorials and everything is now boring on my space. But first, I'm going to sulk over the fact that they don't read my blog. I hope you're guilty now. I kid. But really.

Anyway, back to what my title suggests. The weekend where I had the absolute freedom to be a young adult who didn't have to bother about curfews and nagging, among the other things that came in that package.

The parents package, no trying and no returns. 

For those of you who didn't know, I've always been on the sheltered side of life and when I say that, I'll have you visualize that I have never stepped into a clubbing scene before, even at my age when it's apparently the best thing to do. Not that I actually want to because I'm assuming it's rowdy, smoky and grope-y all over but you should get the point. And yes, I do stay in on weekends and come home before midnight most days. The one time I came home at 2 AM after sending a friend off at the airport, my dad wanted to kill me...which wasn't very nice.

So when the opportunity struck on that weekend, I thought I would finally be able to do everything I never could with my parents around! I could try going into a club, I could come home at 3 AM and I could stop being a tied down young adult with strict parents. For that weekend anyway. I could be normal instead of being an outcast, blending in instead of being the weird kid. "Yessssssss!" I thought. Maybe even go on a random midnight road trip and come home without them ever knowing anything. Maybe.

The only rebellious thing I did that weekend was sleep in their bed at night. Yay! 

Well clearly, I did none of the above. I guess I did come home at about 12:30 AM on both Friday and Saturday after hanging out with my friends but that's just about it.  After all these years of wanting to be free and away, I actually had the feeling of just coming home to my nagging machines during that weekend. I guess humans are weird because we're always hoping for things we don't get. Even when I tried to "chill" with friends, I had this want to just be with my old people who were about 300 KMs away. And as much as I felt odd being the one who has no interest in raves and music-whatevers, I felt even worse being alone without the family.

And what indeed is the reason to this post? Because I want to remind myself whenever I feel like an outcast from my peers again, that life without my parents may be cool...but it's always nicer with them around.
The family package. It's alright, I never needed a return clause anyway.

Oh and just to make sure my dad doesn't kill me for coming home past midnight on those days, I'm sorry and I really, really love you. Cross my heart and swear to God, I do.
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Surpriseee because I'm really liking my commitment in having a post come up once every week. I know it's not a lot as compared to others but to juggle between several things at a go is pretty challenging. But anyway, enough on the boring parts and let's get to the fun ends.

Untangling the secret behind healthy and luscious locks.

So, do you remember me talking about the brand new KeraShine styling tools by Philips last week? You don't? Refresh your mind here. If you do, then I should just say hey all talk and no do is pretty useless. The generous folks at Philips had actually given me a set of KeraShine range that includes a KeraShine Dryer, KeraShine Heating Styling Brush and KeraShine Straightener so I could have super salon like hair everyday.

With a foldable handle and removable nozzle for travelling purposes!

One of the things I use the most is obviously the KeraShine Dryer, especially given the time that I come home after a long Muay Thai session. Infused with ions to eliminate frizz and a keratin-coated air outlet, this innovative hair dryer comes with Even Heat Distribution technology so heat is always evenly distributed, reducing hair damage from the heat. If you're still worried, it's even fitted with the Thermoprotect feature that sets the dryer at a perfect 57°c and a cool air setting for gentle drying.

Keratin coated air outlet.

TP for Thermoprotect!

I've always loved the feeling of freshly washed hair and now I can add a new love to my bathing regime: hair drying. The keratin coat is said to last for over 5,000 hair drying sessions so we're looking at over 10 years of use. Good luck wearing out the keratin-coated air outlet on the Philips KeraShine Dryer HP8216/00, people!

Never more fabulous than when drying my hair.

I guess for a handful of people, having straight hair has become quite a dream. With its extra large plates that heats up to 210°c in 60 seconds, the Philips KeraShine Straightener HP8316/00 will now become your best friend. I'm pretty lucky to have naturally straight hair to be honest, but did you know that straighteners can also be turned into a tool for wavy hair? I didn't until I attended the KeraShine launch that happened on the 1st of July!

The Philips KeraShine Straightener.

 With extra large ceramic plates featuring ionic technology and keratin coating.

The ceramic plates are carefully equipped with ionic technology and keratin coating, so you're not just straightening your hair but you're also giving it the care it deserves at a professional styling standard. Not too bad for something at home, huh?

Straight hair in front versus untouched hair at the back. Check out the shine!

Finally, something that I absolutely need. Carefully designed for smooth and soft waves, the 45mm barrel on the Philips KeraShine Heating Styling Brush HP8632/00 with keratin coating secures long-lasting results at minimal damage. And if you think wavy hair is also equivalent to frizzy hair, Philips has it covered with the ionic care so your look will always just be of a shiny and frizz-free hair.

For fabulous salon-like hair all the time. 

Retractable brush tips, just by twisting the top.

What's really interesting about it is that it also acts as a brush and when you need to release your hair from the barrel, you can just retract the brush tip so your hair isn't stuck in that curl that nobody deserves. Seriously, I can't even tell you how many times I've yanked my round brush out of my tangled hair so this one is a life saver for us all. And now I can have curls, even without walking into a hair salon. My mum will be a happy woman from hereon.

Wavy hair, don't care!

The Philips KeraShine range is now available at the Philips Brand Store at Publika Shopping Gallery, major electrical and departmental stores and also on their official site,!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review purposes but all opinions stated are true and has not been affected in any way.