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Let's talk hair today! Hey, we're talking about what's ON your head! So it's always been a girl's dream to have luxuriously shiny hair whenever we walk out, or better yet to look like we've just left a hair salon. Like hello, have you seen the difference between your hair when you walk out of a hair salon and when you leave your home?  Big, BIG difference there!

The only issue we have is that we can't do a salon look every single day, because it would mean a lot of damage done to our hair, what with the hair drying and the curling or straightening among other things. But what if, someone has managed to figure out a way in giving you a tool to salon looking hair EVERYDAY without killing your hair?


Philips, the electronics company that originate from Netherlands has since untangled the secret behind healthy and vibrant salon-styled locks and it all begins with their brand new KeraShine hair styling tools. Featuring a protective ceramic coating infused with Keratin, your hair can now be protected even while you style it with heat. This allows your hair to maintain a healthy level of keratin and gives it that natural shine that every girl out there craves for. At least I know I do.

Puey Yoon, marketing manager for personal care of Philips Malaysia explaining how KeraShine works.

In a study done by Philips, about 51% of women in Malaysia had stated that hair damage was the main factor in us preferring to look normal and boring as opposed to actually using a hair styling tool. It's understandable though, because bringing on excessive heat does kill your hair from inside out. Which is why Philips also infused ions in their KeraShine range, giving it that positive charge so your hair is less frizzy and lion mane-like. The "just woke up" look is way over, people. Get on with the trend.

A hair stylist of Chezz Hair Salon explaining to us how KeraShine is their preferable choice.

Joined by the team of hair stylists from Chezz Hair Salon, a handful of bloggers were gladly introduced to the Philips KeraShine range, learning on skills to create good looking hairstyles effortlessly. Maybe then we wouldn't only look good on days that we go to the hair salon, which in my case is once a year. Sigh. 

Cheery as ever, even when we threw out some odd questions about how to create the perfect look.

We were extremely lucky too, because we got to play around with the KeraShine styling tools for the night in creating the ultimate look. Separated into teams of 3s and 4s, we hurriedly got to work and...sat around. I mean, I sat around because my team decided to use my hair as the model hair for the evening. 

I even had the founder of Chezz Hair Salon, Bryan Teh come deal with my hair! 
Through the evening, all I told my teammates was that it was alright to do whatever with my hair because I trusted the KeraShine range enough to not damage my locks, even when it's smoking hot! But then again with the Thermoprotect feature in their hair dryer, there were definitely no worries about anything "smoking" anyway.
With my teammates of the evening, Sharon and Rane. 

While we didn't end up winning the contest, it was still quite the evening because I still got to leave with pretty hair with the effort they had all put in. I wish to thank Philips and RantauPR for having brought us together, it was very educative because I now know how to curl my hair!
The Philips KeraShine range is now available at the Philips Brand Store at Publika Shopping Gallery, major electrical and departmental stores as well as their official online store, 
Days since my last post: 7

Hello people! So it's been an entire week since AirAsia dropped the news on their FREE SEATS promo and people have been abuzz, sharing on places they must be at in the coming year.

Okay, promotion is until tomorrow so it's now or never for you to book!

I guess it's a norm for the young ones to simply pack and leave nowadays but there's been something on my mind for quite a while now and it's none other than the majestic and extremely eye boggling...

Winter Light Festival of Japan

Seriously, do the Japanese have to think of everything? Set in Kuwana City of the Mie Prefecture, the Winter Light Festival that runs from mid-November to mid-March has been famous for the beauty it brings to the flower-focused park with over 7 million little LED lights all around it. 

"Mount Fuji"

That...obviously is not Mount Fuji in real life but to have made this marvel out of little LED lights? Go ahead and put yourself to the test! Because I won't. I mean, why put myself through the torture when I can fly to Japan and watch it in awe because AirAsia tickets are so cheap now anyway? 
Aside to pretty lights and Japanese intellect, what's there to offer you may ask? Well in Japan, I guess I'll do as the Japanese do and go dip myself in the onsen (おんせん) whilst enjoying some true Japanese food and sipping on ice cold Nagashima beer. Because everything is better in Japan. 
And because nobody says no to a marvel like this.
So that's set in stone, next year's travel plan is Japan with this must-do festival in 2016: Winter Light Festival or the なばなの里。 Hello, seats are free leh why not right? Maybe I should consider detouring also to meet my Japanese teacher, Arakawa sensei.

I should just go live in Japan for a year. Just maybe.

For more awesome travel information, just check out the AirAsia website here and get your flight tickets within minutes.

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It's Saturday again and there's nothing I love more than the weekends because it means I get to sleep in and then wake up refreshed to a warm cup of teatox tea, freshly made in the comforts of my own room. That's right, I've finally jumped onto the hype of looking for the right detox brand because I'm a firm believer that we should be allowed to eat any kind of rubbish we want, so long we get our body back to the right state with a little detoxing.

An inviting pastel coloured packaging so you'll want to have more! 

It was also at this point that I came across Cuppatea, the teatox brand specially from the UK. With 100% natural ingredients as a teatox to aid weight loss through a balanced diet paired with suitable exercises, Cuppatea has become one of the best teatox brands that I've heard of so I decided to give it a go. I mean, it's really all about having a healthy lifestyle right?

Resealable ziplocks! 

For review purposes, I was sent 2 different cleanses that would be consumed over 14 days. They're the Morningtime Detox with 14 sachets inside and a Bedtime Cleanse with just 7 sachets in the resealable bag. That's right, you don't have to look for a container for your teabags, you simply leave it in the packaging and reseal it after taking one out to enjoy.

The pink label stands for the Morningtime Detox.

So what's in the Morningtime Detox? The answer is: mate leaves, Chinese oolong tea, ginger root, lotus leaves, lemongrass, ginsend root, dandelion leaf, gotu kola leave and nettle leaves.

Detoxing while dealing with blog changes.

The great thing about the Morningtime Detox is that it doesn't give you a laxative effect, so that spares you from the horror of spending hours in the toilet in the day time but instead it does have a little caffeine for a boost of energy through the day. While it does sound like there's tons of disgusting things (Like Ginseng???) in the ingredients list, the Morningtime Detox was surprisingly easy to swallow. No bitter taste, whatsoever!

I remember trying out a single bag of detox tea given by a friend and that had an odd taste to it, which stopped me from ever trying another bag by that brand again. I actually enjoyed this over the span of a day, refilling water to the teabag from time to time because the smell was naturally pretty enticing.

A blue label for the Bedtime Cleanse

And what could possibly be in the Bedtime Cleanse? Meet senna leaves, burdock root, liquorice root, hawthorn leaves, fenugreek seeds, peppermint leaves, chamomile and psyllium seeds all in a bag of goodness.

Cuppatea before bed.

Suitable to drink once every 2 days, the Bedtime cleanse does come with a laxative effect so it's always recommended that we gulp it down about 8 hours before we expect to wake up the next day. So for example if you're looking to wake up at 6 AM on a Monday, then you should enjoy this at 10 PM on Sunday. Catching my drift here?

The great thing about this is that it's very natural so you get to cleanse and detoxify your body bright and early in the day and *coughs* it's a very good wake up call. The taste is slightly stronger than the Morningtime Detox but all is good with the calming chamomile scent it brings.

The perfect excuse to posting a self portrait.

So after all these, what's the verdict in store? The first thing I've noticed is that I'm feeling less bloated. I've always had issues with wind in my stomach and much to my colleagues' amusements in one of those days, I spent the entire day feeling terrible and burped throughout the day.

That was something the Cuppatea fixed and boy am I glad. I haven't gone to weigh myself just yet but I do feel a lot more refreshed with what I believe is the lack of toxins in my body, considering how much I have detoxified over the period of these 14 days.

But all talk and no share makes me absolutely stingy, right? Which is why I'm going to give you...


So just head on over to today and key in the code above to get 15% off your Cuppatea teatox order! I know I'll be doing repeats because I'm in dire needs to detox and the teatox helps in burning fats, which I am craving for. So start your teatox adventure, peeps! I'll see you on the way!


  • Product was provided for review purposes but all opinions stated are true and has not been affected in any way. 
  • Please do not consume teatox if you are pregnant, conceiving, breastfeeding or have epilepsy or allergies to caffeine. 
  • Please consult your doctor before consuming Cuppatea if you are taking any kinds of medications.
  • Please stop consuming Cuppatea if you have symptoms such a nausea or prolonged diarrhoea and consult a GP immediately.