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By Elie - 3:00 PM

And with that, the 2023 season comes to an end! Sometimes it's hard to believe where time has gone and perhaps even harder to remember what I've done through the year. In fact, this may be why I still write in my blog these days - and because I know I still have at least one loyal reader. With that out of the way though, let's go with our usual 2023 wrap up because someday maybe I'd love to revisit the memories of the year that way 2023!


From Brussels with my best friend 

To London with my childhood buddy

I went to Venice with my better half 

Then Copenhagen to see a crazy mate

And finally, Salzburg where I turned 31

In short, I got to truly experience what it would feel like when you're living in Europe and a variety of destinations would just be a bus or train ride away. I'm well aware of course, that this is quite a blessing and I cherish all the memories made from every trip. Granted, Malaysia did not make our list of travels this year but I mean...we did go back last year?


Like standing in the November snow...and catching a flu right after!

Well no, it's a little more deep than that but essentially 2023 was a tough year for me career wise. There were sudden changes in the role for the I've been working with, and I had to make immediate decisions if I should stay or I should go. Ultimately, it was a really uncomfortable position and it obviously took a toll on me for a bit at the start of the year. 

However, the discomfort made me revisit a lot of knowledge I'd long forgotten and in some ways I'm grateful for the opportunity to pick them up again. I could see myself growing through the situation and perhaps I'm even glad that I stayed instead of running away. For that, I do have to thank my employer for not giving up on me.


Unfortunately in 2023, I had to once again bid goodbye to another beloved family member who had long fought with his illness. While there is a part that feels like this could have been the best for him as there is no more pain and suffering, there's still a piece in me that feels such sadness and disappointment to not be able to send him off for the last time. This is, however, how life is set to be and I want to believe that maybe we will meet again someday.



It's funny because I actually made my 2023 resolutions about a month into the year, thinking that it was perhaps way more thought out that way. The verdict though, is that it wasn't. So let's see what went wrong. In 2023...

I vowed to finish my Ringfit Adventures on the Nintendo Switch. I turned the game on for a maximum of 5 times, before I caught a cold because the winter chills are not it for me - then never touched the game again. In fact, I even got more games for the console so no guesses where my time had gone. 

I vowed to finish turning our house into a home. To be fair though, I think this was a half and half because we really did set up most of what we needed - like putting in beds for the guest room and building a display cabinet for our LEGOs, but clearly you can never truly finish upgrading and updating your space. IKEA really did get more of our salary through the year because we've ordered more things along the way, but maybe I can say I tried my best on this one? 

I vowed to be able to converse in Dutch. Instead, I've re-downloaded Duolingo and even bought the premium subscription because I had it with their ads. Although I probably can't converse in Dutch fully, I must say I probably understand way more than I did previously. Is this a half win? Maybe. But 2024 will mark the 5th year since we've moved to the Netherlands, which also means we can soon try to take on our integration examinations so maybe that's when my Dutch language will truly have to come in play!


And that was my 2023 in a nutshell! Eventful? Maybe. Memorable? Definitely. Will I still make more resolution in 2024 since I've perpetually been failing them in 2021, 2022, and now 2023? We'll see. 

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