Foam in my coffee

By Elie - 6:20 AM

I suppose my readers should be fairly warned that my title is quite irrelevant but it sounds very pretty and I like it. And because this is still my blog (albeit inspired by various reasons and solely given the passion to write ALL OVER AGAIN after the passing of Mr.Swithin Monteiro) I suppose I'm allowed to name my posts as I like and you shall not complain. Hah!

So let's see what's in this tiny brain of mine today. Some would say it's still early in the day (because honestly to me it is. If it were not for my parents, I would still be snuggling under my blanket and dreaming all about *HIM*) so it's a little amazing for so much to be in my mind. First things first...MY HEART IS ALL OUT FOR JAPAN RIGHT NOW. Japan is such an amazing country and it is depressing to read all about the devastating earthquake/tsunami disaster that has swallowed all the historical memories of the country. Truth be told, Japan is one of the TOP countries that I've always wanted to visit...especially when the Sakura flowers are blooming and the petals just fall on my head. (No, I've never been there but one can dream, right?) I've also been dying to purchase my very own set of kimono just for keepsake because they are just SO FREAKING COOL! Also, I've always wanted to go and visit the Pokemon store that they actually built because the game is such a hype in Japan! Oh and just in case you're wondering how I know that they have a store there, it is because my friend Ivan who is a steward has been there and he has splurged loads of money there buying Pokemon collectibles. And now everything is just a "has been". Something left to dream. Something left to remember. (Oh and a quick news: it has been said that the disaster has claimed the life of the Pokemon creator himself. Rest in peace, Satoshi Tajiri. Thank you for having given most of us a childhood to remember. A childhood full of such beautiful memories and fun that we are never going to forget.)

Pokemon. Every young adult's childhood. Or at least it was for my generation.

I do realize that my post is getting a little long winded but do bear with me. I just need to share a little bit more of what could be in this mini brain...I can't help it, really! And just to relate a little more to my post title...the inspiration came from where I am seated right now. Starbucks, Amcorp Mall. AND THERE'S FOAM INSIDE MY COFFEE!

It's sad that the foam in MY coffee doesn't look this cool but it'll do.

Heh...honestly, sitting here gives you more satisfaction and also it gives you a beautiful insight in the lives of city people. Picture if you will: you have a friend whom you have not met for YEARS and yet out of pure fate and coincidence, you meet the person HERE. In Starbucks. So let me ask everyone a quick question. How many of you out there has made an effort to actually contact your old friends? A mere lunch or dinner date? A simple phone call? Or even just a text? Probably only 2 out of 10 has been doing so. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we're all selfish and inconsiderate. I'm just saying that we've been so busy with what we've each been doing that we're not entirely bothered about who we're forgetting in our lives. We as humans often take things for granted and only when the time has passed, or the chance has gone would we be moaning and complaining. Groans of regrets are heard all over for not spending time with those who once left a footprint in your lives...what's the point at that time?

Now, I'm going to leave you to your thoughts (or not) after what I've said here because I realize that people are getting bored and sleepy with the many many words. Oh and seriously...PICK UP THE PHONE and call those who matter to you...because you never know when it's your last chance. (No I'm not cursing anyone...I'm just being realistic...look at Japan! Okay, I'll shut up now.)

I'll go call my someone now. I hope he's feeling better already. :)

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