To Be? Or Not Maybe...

By Elie - 4:01 PM

Wow, this feels like quite a worn out post. But I am NOT to be blamed...I've been busy with finals and catching up with my TVB series studying. A lot of studying was involved. I've had this idea to write this post since a week ago when I was hit with just one simple question from a friend of mine.


Was I happy? What with? My life? My family? My friends? It wasn't a question that was left for discussion but it boggled my mind for a while. Was I happy? To be honest, what even constitutes me to be happy? Was it moments that I'd laugh at my father's lame jokes? Or was it days when my friend gives snarly remarks at the funniest of things? Was it on days my boyfriend turns up out of the blue and barks away in the college gallery? Or moments when I have stupid talks with my best friend over the phone? 

To be honest though, I'm not too sure myself. Was I happy? Or am I just pretending to be? Sometimes, just maybe...

Let's be honest. I have every reason to be happy anyway. So why am I still just having second thoughts?

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