Skinfood Facial Ice Vita

By Elie - 8:39 AM

Skinfood has recently launched TWO new skincare lines in which I have been given the honor to review BOTH of them! Hitting the markets by this week, everyone can now look forward to the Skinfood Facial Ice Vita and Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Range!

Anyway let's begin with the Skinfood Facial Ice Vita (FIV). The first thing that really caught my eye to this range is the word "Ice" because if anyone were to know me well, they would understand the one thing I hate most is heat. My room is the temperature of North Pole and even my Dettol wash HAS to be in the icy cool variant. I guess there's some logic into my boyfriend calling me a penguin.

According to what I have heard, the FIV bombarded with skin beneficial fruits and vegetables known for their generous servings of Vitamin A, B, C and E to revitalize skin as well as Alaskan Glacier Water that has a mild alkaline pH and enriched with oxygen, minerals and irons! That said, I believe I now know what "Ice Vita" stands for. Very smart move there, Skinfood! It's pretty neat how the FIV helps to cool down the skin especially in this heat and if you'd remember what I just said; I hate the heat! What the FIV will do for you is that it cools, hydrates and soothes hot, stressed and irritated skin while reducing morning swelling and tightens enlarged pores!

The Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Cooling Stick (RRP: RM 45.00)

With it's cute lipbalm-ish look, the FIV cooling stick is actually an eye stick to provide hydration and gives a cooling sensation with the Alaska glacier water infusion while revitalizing stressed, lifeless and puffy skin with its multivitamin complex. Sounds like the stick for someone like me!

The Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Mist (RPP: RM 48.90)

What's this misty thing you ask? Well, it's an ultrafine mist that IMMEDIATELY cools, hydrates and soothes the hot and stressed out skin with all the vitamins A, B, C and E complex along with Alaska glacier water. Best used when sprayed on a cotton pad before applied on skin. I can't wait to get this, seriously. I'm boiling here.

The Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Toner (RRP: RM 53.90)

Again, just spray some of this toner just as the mist on a cotton pad and apply it to the skin and watch it reduce your summer heat, lessen your morning swelling and tighten your enlarged pores with the icy sherbet infused with Alaska glacier water. Penguins ahoy!

I, for one am excited over this new range from Skinfood and I can't quite wait to get my hands on this ESPECIALLY the Ice Vita Cooling Stick. Seriously, puffy eyes. You have got to be kidding me whenever I want to take good pictures. Seriously...

Disclaimer: All pictures courtesy of the Skinfood team.

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