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By Elie - 5:33 PM

Something cute came in the mail for me today! And trust me, I have been waiting for this since...we paid for it!

Packed in this long box...address and phone number pixelated for privacy purposes.

About 2 weeks back, some of my followers may have seen tweets of me mentioning something of "Fluffy" coming into my life and today, I finally got her. Meet Fluffy the Marimo, everyone!

Fluffy the Nano Marimo

Some may have even asked me, what on Earth is a Marimo? So I did a little background search of my ball of fluff and what came out of my research was that Marimo literally meant "ball seaweed" in Japanese and is said to have been originated from Lake Akan, Japan. It may also be known as the Cladophora ball, Lake ball or Moss Balls and is found in a number of lakes in the northern hemisphere.However, it is only in Lake Akan that these cute little fluffs have been growing in a noticeable size in a perfect spherical shape!

Caring for Marimos are particularly easy as they don't need fertilizers or much care. All that it really needs is a cool room to live in. As long as the water (preferably mineral water or tap water that has been left out in a clean room for 8 hours) is clean and is changed every one or two weeks these little buddies is said to live up to a smacking 200 years! Should the weather be extraordinarily hot, you can opt to pop your Marimo into the refrigerator but NEVER have it in the freezer. Imagine me putting YOU in the freezer.  Oh, and of course, seeing as that it still is a plant after all, a little bit of indirect sunlight or simply your household light would be nice for a healthy grow and aids in its photosynthesis process. The cutest thing about Marimo is that is is said to carry the symbol of love!

Last but not least, if your Marimo has been seen looking "sickly" (when it is turning fairly brownish) there is still hope. Just as us humans have our own remedies, they do too. All you have to do is give them a salt spa (see how cute the name is?!) and they should be fine. Then again, if they begin to turn black and it emits a foul smell, it may just be time to bid your darling Marimo goodbye and find it a great place to bury.

Information sourced from OMO and forums.

So continuing on with Fluffy's story, I had come across the selling of Marimos only when my brother's girlfriend commented on OMO's Facebook page regarding a giant Marimo. As far as I could remember, Marimos have always been a little on the pricey side as it is from Lake Akan, Japan. However, curiosity and the "kepoh" in me decided to dig into OMO's page and without me realizing it, I have fallen madly in love with these furry babies!

Fluffy's package which included its home (a round bottle with a silver cap) and gravels costs RM 20 and my shipment fees has been split with my brother and his girlfriend. Currently, I am in a wildly mad discussion with my best friend Callie on whether or not I should be purchasing ANOTHER Marimo as Fluffy appears to be a little lonely in that big round bottle. Priced at only RM 12 per Nano Marimo, it may as well quite be the cheapest one around town! Think, mind. Think. Yay or nay?

But just until I decide on whether or not I should give it a companion...everyone should really look out because there's a brand new Marimo in town who is ready to float all around and her little name is Fluffy! :)

Fluffy simply enjoying her first cold water bath with a pinch of salt.

My brother's giant Marimo. Notice how different it is from my Nano?

His girlfriend's giant Marimo. Lush in green and having bubbles we call "pearlings"

A little comparison between the giants and my Nano. There, there tiny one.

Just a word in, OMO has got great sales services and ever as they have sent you the parcel, you're always welcome to ask them a million and one questions about your Marimo; especially for people who have never cared for a Marimo before. They have one of the best after sales services I have ever come across, seriously! It has been an utmost joy purchasing my first Marimo from them and I just thought you should know that before you decided on where you should get YOUR Marimo. You know you want one of these fluffy buddies!

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  1. I agree! I absolutely love watching my Marimo get these water bubbles...I think it means they're happy? So amazing!


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