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By Elie - 11:44 AM

It's really no kidding when someone says "Things get tougher when you're all grown up". So if you're reading this right now and you're about the age of 12 to 17, (Because I am really unsure of the age of my own readers. I am a fail blogger.) do NOT ever roll your eyes at someone who tells you that. Karma hits you hard. Like literally right on your face before you can even say, "Stop!" It's tough to grow up, especially when you've always been such a sheltered child in your safe and warm haven. It sounds like I'm just talking about my fluffy blanket, but I'm serious when I say all these, alright? TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!

Moving on, it feels like I haven't been coming around to rant for a while now and maybe it was time I did. Asides being overly excited about the Bigbang winning I've gotten over the weekends, I've also had a very nice person accompany me throughout the days my parents have gone off to Sabah. I am extremely glad that they are now back and there are no more holidays planned. Ha!

I've shamelessly lost my favorite pair *deep sigh* so these new ones will just have to do.

That was a poor excuse to upload a picture of myself but you get the point. He's been an extremely good dog boy and definitely deserves treats for that...as soon as I get my salary or something. Plus he got me a rose so extra brownie points for him.

The first rose of my life so yes, STARE AT THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURE I'VE TAKEN OF IT! I think it's the first time I've ever loved something so pink.

And he took me to the PC Expo in Midvalley on Sunday. Please do NOT let me go on about how horribly packed it was in the stupid PC Expo and how horrible it was that I didn't get to buy what I actually needed. I did a get a Micro SD for my NDS so I suppose I didn't come home empty handed. That aside, the boy has just busted a huge chunk of his salary on some WD passport thing and came home raging when he couldn't join the contest; saying it was rigged and full of crap. I will never understand men. That's his logic, really.

On a side note: I've realized that I would never survive without my parents so I take it that I will be living with them for the rest of my life even when I get married or something. I am pathetic. I hope my father doesn't come across this post and start having elaborate plans with my mother on how to kick me out when I'm 29 or...40.

Anyway, enough with my private weekend. I have been raging with my assignments and I am extremely glad to have been done with my last minute 1,200 words worth of mindless churning. I doubt my lecturer will ever understand what I have written but I am just glad I'm done with that. Trust me, all these theory classes are the LEAST of my favorites. I can't just sit and listen because my mind runs off...somewhere. I'm not too sure where but just somewhere. Having to do researches isn't that bad except when I start doubting myself and then I begin to panic just a little more to have EXTRA mindless typing only to realize I have no idea what I've just talked about.Whatever grades come after will be purely of my fault so I am praying extra hard right now that my lecturer has mercy on me that I have been a good child in class and I have never given him a heart attack...yet.

Did I mention that I am doing my internship soon? Yes. I am doing my internship soon. Geez and it definitely feels like I've JUST came into college looking like a depressed and emotional wreck. So look where I am now. Really though, I can't believe that internship is next year (so if the world ends this December I would never get to have a taste of my internship days...YOU BETTER NOT END, WORLD!) and I am still unemployed. Sadly enough, I have yet to be accepted to any companies or maybe that's my fault because the only company whom have received my CV so far is Nuffnang. I should be trying for other companies but I am clueless as to where I am trying to head to. People always told me to aim high and just go to places I never thought I could ever go to and the only thing that came in mind was something totally different from what I'm doing right now. 

If you're my potential internship company manager: PLEASE HIRE ME I AM HARDWORKING, I AM WILLING TO LEARN AND I WILL BUY YOU DONUTS WITH COFFEE WITHOUT COMPLAINTS EVERYDAY. Provided you pay for your own donuts with coffee.

Did I also mention that I have switched majors? Well, okay technically I haven't even picked my majors but I've always thought of doing events and PR up until late when I started scouting for companies to apply for my internship that I've realized how much I enjoyed ranting writing on my blog as well as for a few freelance deals. Take my word when I say I had to spend a whole weekend to give it deep thoughts only to lose sleep, scream into my pillow and cry before realizing that I should take charge of my own life and pick up journalism instead. Plus I whispered it to my mum while we were on the way to Geraldine and Raymond's wedding only to have her announce it loudly in the car. Thanks, ma. I love you too. And plus my aunt is supportive of it so I suppose the family isn't all out against it. Then again, the family has NEVER went against whatever I've wanted to do...extra credits go out to my lovely lecturer who has helped me decide on taking up journalism for good. Thank you very much, Miss Jo! (I hope you're reading this!)

So yes. I am headed for my internship and I am taking up a major I never thought of actually doing up until recently. Sometimes life isn't about following plans or taking the path you've always paved. It's about taking risks and seeing things with such uncanny encounters that you don't even realize you've already done it. I'd remember how Mass Communications never came into play when I was in high school. I've always just taken the brochures home for the fun of it and so I didn't look like a loser during those college fairs when they came to school. Ha! Don't get me wrong, I still plan to fly but maybe that could be on hold for a bit.
Side-tracking moment: Singapore Airlines is having another interview this 24th of November 2012 at the same old Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur from 9am to 2pm. That's right opposite of the Sungei Wang Plaza if you're wondering where to go. The Monorail will gladly take you there is you just stop at Bukit Bintang station and walk across. Go ahead and aim for the skies so even if you fall, you'd land on a skyscraper!
That's about the amount of ranting I have for today I suppose. Here comes my awkward ending as per every other awkward post.

Soar and spread your wings to fly.
I love this accidental picture I took of the bird flying by. I really just wanted the morning sun and the beautiful sky.

And here is a cool quote for you to live with that I've lifted off the internet via this site to accommodation with the picture above:

"Life isn't about following or breaking the rules but it's all about the way you wanna have your life." -Anonymous

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