30 Days Challenge; Day 4

By Elie - 3:48 PM

I keep telling myself that I could do this but I'm up on Day 4 and I've already got this vibe of laziness in me to discontinue my 30 Days Challenge! But I swear to you, I will keep trying! So looking at Day 4, it's the sharing of what I want to do before I die.

This one has been something so remarkably easy to talk about; especially since I've got this bucket list tab that you can find from my blog and you can simply look at what I really want to achieve before I kick the bucket. Just click on the tab as you see in the picture below:

That's the one right there!

And you will magically be redirected into my bucket list page! Among other silly things I have in my mind includes traveling around the world and writing a book as well as learning how to dance. Bear in mind though that's it's a complete list that is still undergoing much transformation and it would change from time to time, especially when I get to cross out something I've managed to achieve and suddenly thought of other silly things I want to achieve instead.

It's fun to set goals for yourself to achieve and other times you just give yourself much more simple tasks...like completing a 30 Day Challenge on a blog...

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