30 Days Challenge; Day 6

By Elie - 4:39 PM

Alright, this isn't too bad. I'm still keeping up and I'm still doing this pretty well although I sort of skipped Day 5 and took the easy way out with just a few words then plonking onto bed and died slept. At least I came by to write about it...so it can't be that bad, right? Anyway getting a move onto Day 6 I see that it say "My Favourite Drink" to which; just like in Day 2, I absolutely hate talking about.

I mean, how could you possibly pick out your FAVOURITE drink when you like drinking almost everything? So I put a whole lot of thought into this post as well but I knew for sure I could omit "water" from my list because I really have a disliking for how bland plain water is. Especially if it's warm. Urgh!

Conclusively, I really can't find what my favourite drink is but if it's alcoholic then I'd say vodka lime! If it's just something sweet, I suppose Ribena hits the spot. If I'm looking for something sour then I'd go for the calamansi drink you can usually get in square bottles in which we call "Wan Tou Long" in Cantonese! Fickle minded, yes?

Sex On The Beach maybe?

Or even Vitagen hits the spot...

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