Nuffies Lasertag at Laser Warzone, e@Curve

By Elie - 6:23 PM

Yes, it does feel like I am way behind schedule on posts nowadays with several backdated posts just lining up on the drafts section and me lazing away in bed all day, everyday suffering to complete my internship report. Of course though there are just times that I wish I could say, "TO HELL WITH YOU, REPORT!" but since it's taking up most of the percentiles for the term, I can't do that. It's funny isn't it how a report determines you grade while what you have done in the company doesn't? But I'll rant about that some other day.

Let's talk about something happier. Like shooting people in the office and putting them in their graves then waiting for them to come back to life only to shoot them again. Except it probably wasn't that brutal but that was quite a gist on what we had arranged for us Nuffies on the 25th of March! It's Lasertag time!

Everyone got to leave the office extra early (In fact we were all shoo-ed off by the HR manager) just to get to Laser Warzone at e@Curve on that faithful little day; my final Monday of my final week as a temporary Nuffie! And when we got there, we were greeted with this:

 A big "Happy Birthday" banner, presumably left over from the previous group. Here's Raaj of Laser Warzone giving us a rundown of our tiny event.

Raaj has in fact been an extremely helpful throughout the planning, being extremely accommodating to us and providing us with lots of goodies in the end! So kudos to Raaj and remember to look for him if you guys are planning a good game at Laser Warzone, e@Curve!

Everybody gets a vest and a laser gun that comes with! Are you team green or team blue?

The rules to lasertag is pretty simple to begin with. You simply point and shoot at 5 flashing points on the jacket as shown above and they go by a point system with 50 points to the 4 flashing points on the front and 100 points to the flashing point at the back. Basically they do support back stabbing, yes? Once you're in gear, just go ahead and enjoy yourselves for the next 10 minutes getting on to shoot some pew pew!

My first picture of the Nuffies in gear. It was later on when I realized I should have just went in and took picture for them. *Slams head on the keyboard*

I can't help but to think about how cute June is upfront looking like a little school girl with her bag (that's the vest, by the way) while Rina gets her game face on and everyone else just goes, "Hmm yeah."

Everybody please just ignore Hon Mun's face and check out Alpha Ashley in gear!

Probably one of the happiest teams around.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my team in full gear but rest assured we looked pretty fearsome in them! I do however have a picture of us being winners...before even playing the game. That's how good we were!

 That or we're delusional yet happy!

It was all very exciting in the arena and presumably much more exciting on the outside while the scores kept going haywire between teams. In fact, it could get pretty stuffy inside the arena so it's always best to prepared to perspire but go in long pants just to shield your knee from intense kneeling to kill! Here's what I wore to go full army:

Grabbing every chance I've got to get an OOTD picture on my blog...simply because I can.

Our battles began around 5.30pm and ended just a little over 9pm being very tiring in actual fact so don't ever underestimate lasertag as a good team building game as well as very good exercise to boot. Thanks for making it pretty kickass for my last week as your colleague, people of Nuffnang! Pew pew out!

Thanks, incomplete set of Nuffies. You guys were awesome nonetheless.

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  1. looks fun! congratz on winning! :D

    1. Hahahahaha I forgot to add that my team didn't win. We got 2nd runner up only. The picture above was taken BEFORE the game...we were being delusional. :P

  2. Looks like less contact form of paintball. :-)

    1. The non painful version of it too! But still fun nevertheless! :)


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