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Remember when I mentioned in my Modbox post I would have a recap of my facial session with New York Skin Solutions? While typing this there's just about one tune stuck in my head and it's the extremely annoying "New York Skin Solutions" tune that 988 FM plays at the end of the commercial New York Skin Solutions airs. No offense but the tune is plain irritating but at the same time really gets to your head which irritated me further.

Coming back to the point, I finally went ahead for my complimentary first trial facial with New York Skin Solutions on Tuesday (13/08/2013) after postponing it for a week due to the Raya Holidays. Speaking of which, everyone had a good break? I had registered for it when Sarah (I think?) posted it out on her Facebook timeline that we could try and see if we were the first 100 participants who wants to have a go with the facial they had to offer. And the Chinese in me was completely excited because...EXCUSE ME FREE FACIAL OKAY?

They called me up about a week later when I was on a random day out with Steven who wanted to look for the right clothes to go clubbing to fix for an appointment and I just shot a date to them completely forgetting the fact that it was the Hari Raya week. So when they called again to remind me that I had an appointment for the 6th of August, I panicked and switched it to the 13th instead because I knew the traffic in the "golden triangle" of The Curve, IKEA and Tesco would be havoc. They seemed pretty nice on the phone though, allowing me to just throw off my appointment to another day without going all, "Ohhhhh okay laaaaaa," or any of that crap.

Cue the annoying tune, thanks.

I had picked out the branch at The Curve to do my facial because it was closest to home but they have branches elsewhere such as Midvalley, Empire Subang and The Mines just to name a few. It was placed on the 2nd floor of The Curve and there were a few girls who happily greeted me when I walked in. Settling in a room aptly called "Manhattan", I was served by a really nice lady called Jasmine (or was it Annie?) who gave my skin an initial scan to see how it really was. It turns out that my 101 worries of oily skin and clogged pores were...true.

How I know I had that bad a skin? Everyday put concealer and powder then forget about it la!

My pores were seriously congested and I had tons of little plugged out holes even deep within my skin. The scan was thorough but non-intrusive because they had this weird scanner that really just resembles the scanner from supermarkets to take "photographs" of your skin condition. I thought it was cool and cleanliness is definitely top in New York Skin Solutions because I noticed how Jasmine cleaned off the scanner with an alcohol swab before scanning my face.

Secretly took a photo of their consultation room while I was left alone for them to settle on finding the right bed for me to do facial. I hope I don't get in trouble for this picture...

She guided me to the "room" which really was just a huge space filled with self-built walls to be sectioned out. I thought it was very space conserving and each room was just right to have a bed, a sink and their equipments. No pictures on that because I think it's part of their private space and I respect that. I wasn't told that I'm allowed, I just feel that way. After changing into a robe as taught by Jasmine, my facial routine began. The best part of it was definitely the massage midway - I loved that so much I didn't want the girl to stop massaging me damnit!

I have no idea what she was doing but she was extremely professional on that; from cleaning my face to steaming it with the machine, she was gentle and remained in conversation with me. I think the steaming was to open up my pores because another girl came in later on to extract away all the sebum and dirt from my pores. I remember how she kept repeating that I had stubborn blackheads and lots of open pores while squeezing them out. It hurt but it's really just for the better. After squeezing off whatever was possible, I was treated with 3 types of masks; one to calm my skin after so much of tugging, one to tighten my pores and one to retain moisture again.

The masks were left on in 10 - 15 minute intervals in midway, I nearly fell asleep. What was hilarious however was that I could have sworn to hear a man possibly in the "room" few doors away from mine snoring. It was almost like hearing my own father snore when I used to bunk with my parents if Wai Kin stayed over so I was sure it was a man. I was dying to laugh but I couldn't because the mask restricted me but that really showed me that people do come to facials and fall asleep halfway through.
Extracted dirt off my nose and cheek area. Left side.

Also extracted dirt off my nose and cheek area. Right side.

 My chin area post-extraction. I was beginning to get worried I would turn out like BunBun then my whole life would be ruined.

The facial took about 2 and a half hours what with the cleansing, steaming and intervals of masks and I was back in the "Manhattan" consultation room for an after-facial consultation. My pores were visibly better and my skin condition also appeared to have improved but I wasn't extremely convinced that it was marvelous. Maybe you could call me stupid or something but the only thing different in my eyes was that they got my blackheads and sebum out. What I didn't like during the after-facial consultation pushy they got.

I swear, their staff could be really REALLY convincing on telling you that your skin has become better (in which it did become a little better but it wasn't like it made a remarkable leap) and tells you about the amazing deals they have. I really don't like having to be told to go for something or to sign off anything before deep thoughts especially when it comes to such pricey deals but their staff just kept insisting that I drop them a deposit to sign up for something. Super pushy and I just got fairly fed up halfway to even argue anymore. Plus I would have had to speak to my parents first before making any decisions and they just made assumptions and told me things like, "Every parent would want their child to have the best." then offered to call my parents and talk to them. PUSHY. And I didn't like it. I know my parents way better than you, please.

As an overall, I think that New York Skin Solutions does offer quite a good facial service and their staff can be extremely attentive to your skin conditions. Their pledge has been to correct your face so you're naturally beautiful even without make up but you probably have to give it a few sessions to go. I've been to one and I'm fairly okay with it but I really didn't enjoy how pushy they got post-session. If that could be toned down to whatever customers like us have in mind; much of it being to allow us to return as we like or just to try and decide later, it would be a whole lot better. 

While my facial and little bag of skincare that includes a cleanser, a toner and a sunblock was complimentary, it has not affected my thoughts of this post. This is a purely self-opinionated post and everything has been a word of my sentiments throughout. Have a great facial if you decide to go to New York Skin Solutions!

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