Fat Diaries: Dreamz Bakery

By Elie - 6:00 AM

I always get this sinful pang whenever I try out new cafes or eateries but it's just a gut feeling so I'd suck it up and go along with the urge to splurge. (And get fat along the way...)

I first heard of Dreamz Bakery from Steph when she was trying to decide between having a mille crepe cake or a cupcake from Wondermilk the moment she heard of my split. We picked up the latter so I always thought of visiting Dreamz Bakery some other time. This "other time" turned out to be the day when I headed over to Sue Yin's for lunch and to watch the live streaming of Nick Vujicic while he had a talk at DUMC.

The visit was really spontaneous and I had no time at all to ask about where it was or what was good. We just went ahead with it and I spent some good time hunting for it. For anyone's who's looking out for Dreamz Bakery, my advice is to LOOK UP because it has a tiny signboard and it's located at a fairly secluded spot at The Strand, Kota Damansara.

Hunt for your entrance into Narnia Dreamz Bakery!

They're open from 12 PM to 10 PM but apparently closed on Tuesdays.

I think it's fairly like Winter Lover Bakery House that's around the same area but probably a darker and less easier to find version of it. That said, it really isn't a bad place for friendly catch ups or midday tea time sit downs because it's got a good ambiance and just enough seating for a place that looks really tiny.

Bar stools and higher tables for those who prefer an extra height...

Or a little area of tranquility on the floor with your friends and family.

What I didn't like about their seats however was that there was no back support be it at the raised tables or when you're seated on the floor. This means you either have you really hunch your back when you're tired or you'll be forced to sit up straight all the time and that's fairly uncomfortable over the stretched period of time. MAYBE IT'S THEIR WAY OF KEEPING THEIR CUSTOMERS FROM STAYING TOO LONG!!! *Glares*

Cookies for sale, cookies for sale!

Little decorative jars that screams "vintage" for some reason.

A journal. I'm a sucker for notebooks so I naturally wanted this badly.

Dingly danglies for sale too! I loveeeeeeee dingly danglies!

Alpacas for sale?

Don't know what it means, I just thought it's a classy sign so here you go.

An upside-down teddy clip for table numbering.

Those are simply little knick knacks of how Dreamz Bakery had set up their store and I thought it was somewhat homey yet commercial at the same time. I feel so torn in between loving it and hating it possibly because I had quite a lot of expectations for the bakery although I have no idea why.

 Vanilla Layer Mille Crepe @ RM 9.90 per slice

An order by Sue Yin's darling James. I thought it was okay actually. There is a huge waft of vanilla scent soonest as you put it NEAR your mouth; not even IN your mouth. The cream was surprisingly soft enough and the layering was decent without too thick a taste or too floury for liking.

Chocolate Mint Layer Mille Crepe @ RM 9.90 per slice

I had the toughest time picking out my cake because I'm naturally indecisive and there's also a part of me wondering really hard what is good and what isn't. So I shot an emergency Whatsapp to Steph to ask what was good and she recommended me a series of mille crepe only to have caught my attention at the mention of "mint" in her message. SOLD. My verdict is that this is probably the best mille crepe cake flavour there is out there. Take my word for it if you are in love with mint as much as I am because this is the bomb of all minty goodness.

Red Velvet Cake @ RM 9.90 per slice

Sue Yin picked out a slice of red velvet cake because she apparently has utmost loving for it but this was really disappointing. The cake was pretty dry to begin with and the cream cheese was too...I don't know. Salty? Sour? It really wasn't my taste for red velvet cakes because I've tried better ones.

Mint and blueberry macaron @ RM 3.90 a piece

I have a confession. I absolutely LOVE macarons but I can't afford them half the time because it's so pissing expensive for a bite of sugar! I couldn't help it this time around though because the colours were so pretty but I stopped at 2 pieces with lots of self control. The mint macaron was really good and it was surprisingly not overly sweet- possibly because of the mint hint to it. The blueberry macaron had an odd gooey center filling and it was really sweet so keep that in mind if you pick it out. Other variants includes mango, chocolate, berries and lemon.

Hazelnut Milk Tea @ RM 6.90 (Non-refillable DON'T BE SUCH A MALAYSIAN!)

It comes in a regular Starbuck coffee cup size and for RM 6.90, I thought it was quite worth it. The tea itself was smooth with it's blend of milk but the smell of hazelnut wasn't strong enough. I instead tasted a lot more lavender (Or was it Earl Grey?) in it and I suspect it's the doing of the little specks you could see on top of the foam. I still thought it was really good though and I shared this out with Sue Yin. It wasn't overly sweet and it does serve as a good wash down to the macarons.

The two people in the background completely ignorable because they were making my not-so-sweet cakes really sweet. (I actually really like this shot. It looks professionally taken...by my S3)

Just proving that I was really there at Dreamz Bakery. Meet Sue Yin and her darling James.

Safe drivers make peace signs on straight roads.

And take pictures before dropping their "packages" home!

Dreamz Bakery was an overall decent experience but there are still things I find unsatisfactory off them. I may or may not re-visit; much depending on the company I have with me but if I'm alone, maybe not. You probably can't sit too long either because you have to remember...no back rest. Good luck hunting if you're going on a rainy day (Like we did!) and have a great tea time! They do whole cakes for sales and reservations, I believe. Here's their Facebook link...just in case you need directions.

Dreamz Bakery
No. 32-1, The Strand,
Jalan PJU 5/20D,
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya

012 - 200 3441

Open from 12 PM - 10 PM.
Closed on Tuesdays.

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  1. Oh dear, I think I'll gain a few pounds just looking at those layers of cake. ;-)

    1. I think mille crepe cakes generally looks fattening because of the illusion of layers. Texture wise however, it's fairly light because it's just thin layers of batter (much like pancake batter just a lot thinner) that alternates with some cream of the exact flavour you want to get.

      You should try this, Yum List. It's quite decent for the price and size offered! :)


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