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I don’t know about you but I think one of the most FML moments in life would be to walk around a mall and suddenly the strap to your wedges comes off in the middle of nowhere and you’re all alone. You can’t bend down to fix it because your dress is a bit short and you can’t do anything to fix it because…THE STRAP ALREADY CAME OFF LA! So yeah, I had one of THESE moments when I went to the LA CREMERIA Re-launch Party on Tuesday!

 Efffffff my life cause I really liked these pair of wedges I bought from Penang!

Thankfully for me, I had an extra pair of kicks in the car although they didn’t really match my dress but it was better than nothing. I still had to walk back to the car barefooted though; I hope nobody recognizes me at that point of time. So after quickly switching to my kicks, I ran off to Laundry Bar at The Curve and registered myself as a blogger and noticed the picture taking backdrop they had. I was really just sweaty and hot at that point but Sandra and I took a picture there anyway!

I don't think you can tell that I'm sweating like a pig right? Right? RIGHT?

For those who have no idea, LA CREMERIA has actually been around the market for quite a while for being a little more premium than regular ice creams and they will be re-launching the LA CREMERIA 1.2L tub range on the 1st of September with better packaging and creamier contents! How creamy can an ice cream get? 

Julie Woon emcee-ing. Sandra and I thought she was really familiar and then she got thick face and go ask for her name. Glad Sandra didn’t get punched.

The re-launch party hit it off with a speech from the CEO of LA CREMERIA (I think? Whoopsies, the music was too loud and I couldn’t hear it too well…) and a quick fashion showcase from 6 beautiful models in an array of colors, each depicting the flavors of the LA CREMERIA 1.2L tub range!

The first model who stepped out. Nuffie Anne mentioned that this was a fellow blogger too but I don’t know her. Anyone know who this is?
[EDIT: My classmate Wen Qi just tweeted me and I've found her! This is Reiko from! HELLO!]
A model in pastel pink gown. I believe this is to depict the LA CREMERIA Strawberry Dream range!

Pastel blue with scalloped upper on a model. I really liked the color of the gown!

Simple sun dress in light red. Not pink, just light red. Was this for the Strawberry Dream range instead?

Body con with mid peplum dress in green. This must be for the LA CREMERIA Almond Pecan Praline range!

Shocking red high slit gown. The model looked a bit scary…no smiles one.

An array of colors simply showcased for our eyes to feast on. I personally really liked the sun dress (2nd from left) for how casual it looked. Can rip off from the model and take home?

They blasted out lots of this cool air after the catwalk because…

They wanted to officiate the re-launch! Very gimmicky!

The next session of the party was definitely a highlight because everyone got to go out and have a good taste of the improved range to all 6 variants of the LA CREMERIA ice cream. We went by groups of numbers and I was in luck to follow the model who is also a fellow blogger. Our first stop was the Hazelnut Ganache Sensation variant and I really liked it because I’m quite mad for hazelnut. 

I tried to look tall, slender and pretty…then failed because she’s so much prettier.

The Hazelnut Ganache Sensation by LA CREMERIA 

I remember sampling LA CREMERIA a while back at Tesco and on Tuesday as I tasted it again, it really was noticeably creamier than before with subtle hints of almond chunks and chocolate chips in the ice cream. Perhaps this is one of the greater improvements of the LA CREMERIA ice creams! I liked how the ice cream had a tinge of crème brulee flavor to it without being killed off by the chocolate hazelnut sauce that was swirled into it. Really good.

LA CREMERIA’s Chocolate Obsession

Chocolate lovers behold because there’s nothing but chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate in this tiny scoop of creamy LA CREMERIA Chocolate Obsession ice cream. The great thing about it is that it wasn’t overly sweet to the point that it would make you sick but it still had the composure of being so delicious, you seem to want more. Haven for chocolate lovers, acceptable for those who doesn’t want it being diebetically torturous!

I thought the boy who was scooping me the LA CREMERIA Chocolate Obsession was putting so much of effort so here’s a kudos hit to him!

The next thing I had was shared with Nuffie Anne as she had a LA CREMERIA Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation in hand. No picture on that because she was already midway when I simply stabbed a spoon into her cup and had a spoonful. I preferred it better than the LA CREMERIA Hazelnut Ganache Sensation in fact because it had the good mix of chocolate ice cream it in while I could smell the drizzly chocolate hazelnut sauce flowing through it. It was so good, I wish I had an extra stomach for more ice cream!

LA CREMERIA’s Almond Pecan Praline

This is the absolute bomb of all flavors! I regularly don’t like variants like these but LA CREMERIA made it so good, I actually wanted more but my stomach said no. The nutty almond taste with twirls of chocolate sauce fused into the thick and creamy pecan flavored ice cream was so SO good.  It’s seriously the top of the range, beating even my temporary favorite of LA CREMERIA’s Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation to second spot.  When LA CREMERIA sets all 1.2L tub range out, I will buy this variant and put it at home so I can get fat and binge eat while going on a movie marathon alone!

I won't look this ugly but you get the point. 

If you thought my day ended with ice cream eating, you thought wrong because I got to go home with goodies more than just whatever was in my stomach! 

LA CREMERIA chiller bag

My dad’s first reaction was that he can now freeze some beers then bring it back on our QingMing trips in this chiller bag (WHAT IS THIS?!) but I figured it would be good to have it in the car in case I do go out shopping for some good LA CREMERIA Almond Pecan Praline ice cream in a 1.2L tub! Very useful goodie!
A notebook from LA CREMERIA

Really useful as I’m expecting to travel soon and I could just lunge this around because it is tiny enough and has a space for me to slip a pen inside. I take notes while travelling so I blog better when I’m home. Logical enough?

They gave me a gold bar…pendrive.

Of course it wouldn’t have been a real gold bar but this elegant little piece does pack quite a good weight and is of an 8GB storage space good enough for all my selfies documents. 

The good deals don’t just stop at us bloggers. The lip smacking delicious and creamy LA CREMERIA ice cream variants will actually be out in the market on the 1st of September onwards at major hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide! Each 1.2L tub goes out for a recommended price of RM 16.89 for West Malaysia and RM 16.99 for East Malaysia. But wait, if you don’t want to have such a big tub, (although that’s completely horrible why would you say no to ice cream?) they also have on-the-go 100ml cups for 2 of their bestselling variants – the LA CREMERIA Almond Pecan Praline (Secretly grinning here!) and the LA CREMERIA Vanilla Cashew Delight for only RM3.00 in the West Malaysia and RM 3.20 in East Malaysia at selected convenient stores.

Roadshows will also be held all around Malaysia from September to November so everyone gets to indulge in some LA CREMERIA while winning some goodies and enjoy some fun games at their booths. More details of where and when the booths will be could be found at so good luck hunting! I’m going to look for one and buy myself more LA CREMERIA. Don’t anybody stop me now!

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