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Hello there! So before I kick start, I just wanted to let you know that this isn't a Hong Kong post, it has been put off till next year (It's so fun to get to say this now!) whenever I have the time to do it but let's just say I'll try my best to finish up everything Hong Kong by January. Now if you have forgotten; even when I say it every year, I would put up a list of resolutions to live by all year long. It's pretty funny how a year passes by so quickly and things has changed so tremendously in life, really.

Today's post is all about whether or not I've accomplished what I claim to want to do while I compile my new list to be discussed on the 31st. Do you see how I have even told you I am coming up with a list for year 2014? Come on, we all need to have something to look forward to don't we? Anyway, the list of 2013 could be found in this post and I'm about to see if I have been walking my talk.


  • Kick ass on my internship with Netccentric Pte Ltd from January to March

I don't know how I've kicked ass on my internship (Like seriously, what was I thinking last year with a writing like this?) but I sure had a whole lot of fun on top of meeting loads of amazing people. I did a post about them this year too because I wanted to be reminded of those amazing days considering how much a goldfish I am at most times. The team has since been much more different now but it still has been a great team to work with. Resolution: Completed. Oh and I also got an A for my report.

  • Graduate from IACT College with a double diploma as a student in Mass Communications majoring in Journalism

Yes, I actually did this and aced it pretty well to be honest. I was shocked to have received my letter noting that I got a CGPA of 3.35 and I am now an official graduate with a diploma (Double, if I'm not mistaken) in Mass Communications and majoring in Journalism. My core subjects for the final semester were news reporting, fundamentals of publishing, feature writing and idea conceptualization. Surprisingly, I passed them all. Resolution: Completed. I now have a study loan to repay urgh.

  • Get my first official full time job whether or not I decide to make it a lifetime career 

Anything monetary has been Photoshopped away from this picture. I am so mad proud that I could actually say I have managed to tick this off the list too! Of course, if you've been reading my blog often enough you would have known I have been jobless since the day I finished up with college. Come December however, I realized that I had to stop wasting my time and so I scurried for jobs all over. Finally, I mustered up the courage to ask the company of which I have been doing freelance work for over these past few months if they needed someone permanent instead and...I start in January! Resolution: Completed. I don't know if it will be a lifetime career though, I still have a dream to chase!

  • Donate my first pint of blood with dad by my side as support

I am also very proud of this achievement even though I've technically only fulfilled it about 2 weeks back. I have been pestering daddy to bring me along when he donates blood but our timing has never been right. Whenever he went to the hospital, I would either be in college or attending to something else. At the start of this month however, he finally picked the right time and made sure I was told beforehand to keep the day free. Resolution: Completed. Contrary to people saying it hurts, it really doesn't AND you can save lives! Everyone should do it...if you fit the bill of course!

  • Learn how to do a proper make up whether for work or play

While I don't know if what I am doing daily is considered as "proper" make up but I have definitely found myself more prone to wearing eyeliner on a daily basis whenever I go out nowadays be it for work or for a regular hang out with my group of friends. Heck, I even made it a point to wear eyeliner every single day while I was in Hong Kong! That's some effort there, right? The downside however is the removal of make up of which I absolutely hate. Well, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do right? Resolution: Completed. I don't even know why this matters to me but it does okay! Live with it!


  • Write my first ever novel and offer it to someone I don't know to read it before bracing myself for comments and honest feedback
No, I absolutely did not do this. I have been tremendously lazy and never once has any inspiration of any sort of novel come into my mind. Why is this on my list, I don't even know. Maybe I'd do it someday but that one day just isn't now or in any of the near future. In 15 years maybe? Maybe I'll have it written under the pen name of Shneep so you will all know it's me!

  • Clean my room so I will no longer reside in a pig's sty
*Laughs to self* I should be so freaking ashamed to talk about this but really if I stay in this room, I must be responsible for it regardless how embarrassing it is. Yes, I am an extremely lazy and untidy girl. I think the only part in my room that is considerably tidier than any other parts is my cupboard. It gets reshuffled every time I feel a little down in which this year, a lot of reshuffling was done.

  • Pick up my guitar and start learning how to play it with or without proper lessons
Another resolution of which I have no idea why it is in here. I think I was much influenced by the love of music that Wai Kin had when we were still together and seeing him strum on the guitar I have in my room or on his own bass just made me want to pick it up more. The fire died down after a while however and the guitar simply holds my curtain in place now.

  • Hit the gym at least once a week and get back on my 45kg track
Four words: I am a glutton. I definitely did not hit the gym too often with the best being once every two weeks over the period of 3 months. I now weigh 48kgs, 3kgs away from the idle weight of which I have been wanting to be and I definitely look a lot more round than I expect myself to be. I'm thinking this will be back on my 2014 resolution's list.

  • Run in a marathon regardless 7km(s) or 10km(s)
If I couldn't hit the gym to train, what are the odds of me going for a marathon? Urgh, truth is I missed out on the Standard Chartered run and I also figured that I really wouldn't survive a marathon at the state of how unfit I am. Yes, I do swim fairly often nowadays so that builds up just a decent amount of stamina but that's about it. I cannot run...unless there's a dog or a robber chasing after me the I suppose my legs will just have to move!


Okay, I just needed to make sure you knew that was the end of my list so that's what the asterisks are for. True, it would seem that I have skipped more resolutions than achieved them but whatever achieved are really things I am extremely proud of. It probably sounds like I am doing nothing but praising myself (Oh my God, I'm so vain!) right now so I should really stop. While 2013 has definitely taught me valuable lessons to pick up along the way with tons of tears, an abundance of joy and heaps of anger to boot, I have faith that 2014 will be great too. Sometimes we've just got to move on and think about what brighter days can be ahead, right?

I took this shot 30,000 feet off ground during my trip to Hong Kong with my phone and I think it's the prettiest I have achieved yet. (Again with the self praise, someone slap me please!) Seriously, whoever said that the sky is your limit definitely needs to rethink on this phrase. There are no limits. Stick around over the week, there's so many things I have in mind that truly needs to be tied off and settled to welcome 2014 so expect posts like these to pop up and around! That said, have YOU settled your resolutions list yet?

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