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By Elie - 5:00 AM

Striking away from the sad wagon you've read 2 days back, I just thought I should come along with my 2014 resolutions list. In fact if you've missed out on my 2013 recap, I've even got it here for you as per usual. There have been good things to laugh at and others to sulk over but I'm really hoping things take a better turn from here on.

 Like turning 21.

Seriously, there are just things to look back over at all year long and sometimes you just wonder what would be of life if things were a little different throughout. Of course, there aren't so many "what if(s)" to life that you really can think about, I think it's just better when we all move on. So here we go with my 2014 list!


  • Be healthier; exercise more, sleep at regular times and eat less junk
This is a great laugh for a lot of reasons. I hate exercising, I have troubles sleeping at night when humans are really supposed to rest (That's 11 PM to 3 AM if you're wondering!) and I have the most horrible craving for all things unhealthy. Chocolates, cakes and fried food are all just my weak spots. And I also have this on my list every single year yet I fail it all the time. I'm hoping that at the very least I would stop looking so round, lose my love handles, shed away some pounds from my thighs and arms then have lesser a flabby tummy. So many things to live up to, I wish myself luck!

  • Enjoy whatever a job I have in hand
I have finally (FINALLY!) found myself a permanent job; in case you didn't actually read my 2013 list. While I am confident I will like whatever I have signed myself up for, I know how a lot of people whine about their jobs after a while. I'm hoping things are different for me regardless with the current job or if I do switch, I'm praying hard it would be to something I would love too. That's not too much to ask for, is it? This must be the whole "first job jitters" that I've seen somewhere around. Here's to the start of a 9 AM to 6 PM lifestyle!

  • Go on a holiday alone
You know what I foresee following this post's publication? My father coming up to me and saying, "Forget it" when he sees this resolution on the list. However, I have always believed that there is a part in me waiting for an escape to an unknown place by myself and someday in the year 2014, I truly hope that it would happen. To just venture into a country with my bag of clothes, what little of money I have and a whole lot of courage to be away for a while. It would be fun to make memories like these, really. Uh daddy if you're reading this, PRETTY PLEASE WITH KISSES ON TOP?

  • Take my family on a holiday
This sounds very unlikely but a girl can dream, right? It has always been my hope that I would one day be able to bring my family out to a holiday fully paid by yours truly just so I could in some a way or another thank them for all that I have been blessed with. I'm hoping however that they wouldn't mind the fact that I have quite a limited budget and just settle for a trip back to Penang. Oh, how I miss Penang. Sure, we would have to clean the house before we could settle for good food and some relaxation but there's no place like home by the end of the day, right?

  • Have more patience with my parents 
I have to shamefully admit that like every other young adult out there, I have very minimal patience with my old folks be it from teaching them how to operate their phones to teaching my father how to use a new laptop. In fact, more often than not I find myself running out of so much patience, I tend to get a little agitated and I just have this fuming desire to ignore teaching them all together. Of course, I still stick to the end however but here's to hoping that in 2014, I will find more patience and will to help my parents out in whatever way they need help in. And hopefully not raise my voice like 0.2 decibels higher. Sometimes I feel like slapping myself when that happens involuntarily. Maybe this also falls under "respect my parents more" as an added resolution.

  • Master Japanese in a way that I could converse normally
In case you had no idea, I'm actually in the midst of picking up Japanese lessons from my father's golfing friend, Arakawa sensei. The issue here however is that I am a slow learner; especially when it is a language of which Chinese characters are lightly incorporated (Kanji) and I am Chinese illiterate! It has been difficult for my sensei to teach me and much harder for me to learn even when I am practicing it in my room almost every night...alone. I do however believe that with determination will come results and I can now converse lightly with little stutters here and there. Maybe in 2014, I could speak more fluently with extra tries huh?

  • Keep a Project 365 diary
I've always been fascinated in videos that people make out of 365 pictures of themselves; each taken on a different day with the same expression at the same place. It's like a reminder of what you've been through every single day with the most fascinating memory of how you've looked like throughout the year. I'd like to try it and see how it turns out but I think all you'll see is "Day 27: I give up" or something like that. But you know, I do tend to work my resolutions out so who could figure if I will succeed or not?

  •  Make sure I meet up with my best friends at least once a month
If there has been anyone who have been pulling me through 2013, it would definitely be my girlfriends. Be it Pui Yi, Heather, Callie or Steph, I seriously just wan to make it a point to meet up at least once a month. Sue Yin, if you're reading this and wondering where your name're in UK so shush, don't complain! But we'll make it a point to Skype at least once a month, maybe? I'd also put the QWERTY people under this list but half the time it's so difficult to actually meet EVERYONE up it's just URGH!

  • Read all the books I bought from the Big Bad Wolf sale
This is nothing but a reminder that I do several books from the 2013 sale that I should be finishing up. Indeed, I'm really scared that I would be neglecting my love for reading in 2014 for the dreams that I am chasing and the adulthood I have to walk into. So here we have something to drive me to read more. I actually wish people would read more to be honest. There is nothing better than to open up a book and take a whiff of the papers sliding through your fingers and to feel the print glide. If you're wondering if I am psychotic, I shall just say yes.

  • Pick up all my pieces
Here's my final and very personal resolution. For all of 2013, I have been mopping over the silliest of things and I haven't quite picked up my pieces at all. In fact, I have simply swept them under my cupboard (Because I do not have a bed, I simply sleep on a mattress on the floor.) and left them there to rot. There comes a time though where I should really pull them all out and put them away in proper places, much to where it truly belongs. Come 2014, that really should happen.


So that's it. 10 things (And more obviously unwritten) to achieve in my 2014. I've always found resolutions so much easier to achieve when you've gotten them listed down; whether or not you will fulfill them. There's about 12 hours more to the end of 2013 so I'm going around to count my blessings for all that has happened this year and I think everyone should be doing the same! Have a happy new year and I'll see you...NEXT YEAR!

 A selfie in the fitting room of Kitschen...

Because I really want to remember how I looked like in 2013. Cheerios, peeps! Drink lots, party hard and drive home safe! Much love from the final hours of 2013 from yours truly!

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  1. Happy New Year! Wishing you a great 2014.

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Yum List! Thank you for your tremendous support throughout 2013! It's always so nice to come by and see that you've dropped me a comment however tiny it may be! Here's to hoping you guys have a fantastic 2014 too! :)

  2. Ngaw~ I feel flattered to be on your bucke... resolution list! :P
    And good luck for work later today!
    Ps: I know you've read this but..... temptation has no limits

    1. Hey hey, I have a different bucket list if you haven't noticed! will come when it comes. Thanks for the luck here and on Facebook messenger! <3

      Yes, I have read that. STAHP IT YOU. I miss Penang as it is, ish!


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