Hong Kong Adventures: Day 7

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It feels like my Hong Kong series has been going on since forever and I'm thinking about how a lot of people must be sick of it already. But you know what? Rejoice because there's only 2 more days and...several food posts to run along with. Anyway today's post is the post I am most excited about over the many days of Hong Kong talks and chomps because we're finally hitting the best day of the entire trip: Cheung Chau Island (長洲). Located just about 10 KMs away from the Hong Kong Island, Cheung Chau is one of the prettiest places I have ever been to in the 21 years of living to date. Expect tons of photos!

Our morning started just as every other because we had already planned out this Cheung Chau trip before we got to Hong Kong itself and we were determined to be there regardless the weather. True enough, it was a little drizzly in the beginning of our day and heck, it was freaking cold too. Having gulped down our breakfast, we hopped onto a mini van to the Jordan MTR and rode off to Central station from then. Crossing through a certain IFC Mall, we finally got to the pier of which ferries were waiting to ship us all.

We get to see the times and fares very clearly!

And we were off!

I don't know how much prettier the skyline of Hong Kong could get.

And just to give you an idea of how cold it was, the fog covered one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong! I've been trying to imagine the view from above...and still am imagining. 

Our ferry left the pier at 10.15 AM and each ticket costed HKD 12.90. While the ferry was obviously a lot less grand from the one we took to Macau, I'm glad to see that there were no Mainland Chinese people who were there to ruin the one hour ride to Cheung Chau. Like seriously, a little more peace is much appreciated. It was also open air so you could smell the scent of rain running through a mix of the how the sea smells like. I was excited because I had just finished a series that spoke of Cheung Chau not too long ago so having to go there is like one of my dreams coming true.

And gasp! There we were!

A view from the boat while we were docking. Shin Yi's DSLR takes such perfect photos, I'm jealous. *Hints the world, whoever wants to get me a camera*

People rushed out, just like how we see in the series!

At a glance, Cheung Chau is simply perfection. It is definitely not a place where you will find an Apple pop up store or a Burberry shop but instead, you're greeted with people who are willing to walk or cycle all over the little island. Seriously, you won't see a lot of cars around except for little "tuk-tuk" lookalikes that has the signage of being an ambulance and police vehicles.

You either take bus 11 (That's Chinese slang for your legs, in case you didn't know) or you cycle!

Because bicycles are everywhere in Cheung Chau! You can even rent them!

And this is their...ambulance. I told you it looks like a Thailand "tuk-tuk"!

 But seriously, look at their clean streets!

I apologize for the over usage of exclamation marks all over this post but I truly am happy over the trip to Cheung Chau. It is just like what TVB's Slow Boat Home has portrayed and people are generally living the laid back life there. I'm going to akin it to Kuala Selangor or Sekinchan back home but just a lot cleaner and less smelly as a fishing village. 

They have these fishing boats just lined up...

Just another one of those artsy shots, I love Cheung Chau so much!

 And cue the self-loving picture of showing that I really was in Cheung Chau!
My favourite shot with the ugly Chef. If there's a young man who will always love me regardless whatever mistake I make, it's Chef.

We did tons of walking about Cheung Chau to be honest and they were just really aimless because all we did was go around to look at the culture of people and the things around us. It's a truly fascinating sight when all you see are city lights and concrete buildings all the freaking time. They even have lots of B&B packages (Bread & Breakfast which means lodging!) for those who wants some time out from the hectic lifestyle and just stay the night in Cheung Chau. A bombardment of pictures below:

Outside the Pak Tai temple.

Then I told mum to get a picture too because it IS a very pretty temple after all.

And this is INSIDE the temple, what is this perfection of a place for photoshoots?!

At the entrance of one of the B&B hotels and it's so freaking pretty! The hotel I mean, not me. I look like shit.

 Pictured because of the signage. 

Salted fishes dangling. This is a typical fishing village scene, it's hilarious!

 Dried...starfish? I had no idea they were edible!

While walking, Uncle Eddie found this shop that sold this humongous fishball along with frozen fruits and he obviously got us some to try. Seriously, we're eternally grateful to have him walk with us everywhere we go because of how localized a fare we could get.

 Daddy giving the huge curry fishball the laser eye treatment.

And then Shin Yi took this shot of me looking ridiculous while taking a picture of daddy as seen above. 

I don't know what I was attempting to achieve in this picture but I hope it made you laugh.

We took a stop after a while for lunch however because all the walking really just took a toll on our stomachs. Food review when I'm done with Day 9 later on but the verdict is that it wasn't very nice. The weather was co-operative though because it was just fairly cloudy but it didn't rain till we were in the restaurant and stopped when we were ready to walk again! We were blessed!


A picture of mummy that I love.

I spotted this pair of old couple walking around and I snuck a picture. It's just too cute, almost like UP. Sometimes it's sights like these that makes me believe someday I will find the kind of happiness in a Disney ending. Or something like that.

With Chef. We don't always see eye to eye...obviously from the height difference.

Chef took this of Shin Yi and I think she looks pretty awesome so...pre-wedding photo or something?

 Mum with her angel in blue and devil in yellow. Because I have no shame.

A family shot that Shin Yi took.

And then Uncle Eddie insisted that he took another for us with Shin Yi in the frame!

Our walks took us deeper and deeper into Cheung Chau, so much so that we literally took a walk around 3/4 of the entire island. We also visited the cave of which the pirate Cheung Po Tsai apparently hid in while they were at war with the navy and the walk there was so breathtaking, I just want to go back for another stare.

 Oh and before you get to the good sights, here's a picture to know who is daddy's little girl for very sure. You may laugh, yes.

You probably can't see this panaromic shot too nicely. Click to enlarge!

 Daddy and I at the edge of it all!

 And then we threw in mum to the concoction of sights!

I innocently asked if this is where TVB films those shots where they find bodies washed up ashore after they jump off a cliff to kill themselves...

 Chef and Shin Yi amidst the prettiest background any naked eye could see.

Seriously, how could you not love this?

 You can't love this? Really?!

The entrance to the Cheung Po Tsai cave. WHAT?!

Chef is checking out the entrance to the cave.

And we saw someone brave the cave!

The story of Cheung Po Tsai is that he is a Hong Kong born pirate officer to the pirate chief Cheng I and later to his widow, Cheng I-Sao. They had about 1,200 pirate junks and just around 50,000 men in their group of pirates so if you were caught, it's all the best to you in escaping! They easily defeated the naval fleets and were later on at war with the Portuguese that led to negotiations and the pirates surrendered soon after without punishment from the authorities. 

We continued walking to the back of Cheung Chau island after; making our way to where we came from but using a different route just so we could get a good look of the beauty around us. Daddy has since swore to go back to Cheung Chau and rent a night's stay in one of the B&B hotels. Who would have known this little island would be so much cheaper and enjoyable compared to the promisingly disappointing and expensive Macau?

More sights! Sorry, not sorry.

A family portrait taking using Shin Yi's DSLR with a self-timer.

Thank you for picking such an amazing girlfriend, (Ahem almost turning into wife pretty soon I hope. I want to look pretty in a dress for my brother's wedding. Stop waiting till I'm extra fat!) Chef. Because seriously...she's amazing.

The Tin Hau temple that we visited. Story is that the goddess of this temple is one who will bless those out in the sea hence the locals of Cheung Chau would always pray to her. 

One of the back streets that we've walked around Cheung Chau.

Our adventure obviously didn't just end there even when we got the the front of the island like we were supposed to because we ended up looking for souvenirs to bring back as well as had some really, and I repeat REALLY good desserts. I'd definitely rave about it when I get to the Hong Kong Eats point of time.

Uncle Eddie bought me fried ice cream to share with Shin Yi! Look at this woman's slender fingers, life is so unfair!

Oh and we also got fried potato crisps to snack on!

A traditional snack in Cheung Chau: candy and coconut wrap. The skin is made of coconut (Or so they want us to think!) and the insides is definitely honeycomb!

A local specialty found only in Cheung Chau called the "Ping On Bao" (平安包)

Somebody please tell Chef not to play with food.

We did however rush for the ferry around 4.45 PM however and paid HKD 24.60 for a quicker trip back. Our travel was cut short by half (!!!) and when we were on the shores of Hong Kong, we hopped on yet another ferry to get back to Tsim Sha Tsui for only HKD 2! Seriously, transportation in Hong Kong is fantastic and you don't quite have to worry about being lost or that you don't have anything to travel in. Everything is connected! Jumping up a bus from the pier of Tsim Sha Tsui back home costed us HKD 4.10 and I was completely slumped out- even falling asleep on the trip. 

I completely skipped dinner, trading it for a good shower and some rest at home after the long walk around 3/4 of Cheung Chau instead. After all, we had some desserts that we brought back anyway and there was Vitasoy in the fridge that belonged to me. Did I mention that I love Vitasoy a lot? Oh yes, I did on Day 4. Well I shall just repeat that I love Vitasoy...A LOT. Just to wrap it off, Day 7 is just my favourite of the 9 days we were in Hong Kong for the sights, the laughs and the experience of it all. I loved every bit of Cheung Chau even if the only mode of going around is walking because I cannot ride a bicycle. 

This has been my Facebook profile picture for 2 months now. I cannot bear to change it and that is saying something, okay?

Cheung Chau , why do you have to be such an amazing place? If you're going to Hong Kong, you really should be going to Cheung Chau okay, peeps? You'll just have your breath taken away, it's like a dementor from Harry Potter has escaped Askaban for the sake of sucking your soul away for the sake of the island's beauty. I sound like a typical Potterhead now but it's the only way to explain my love for this place. I cannot even...

Day 8 when I have the time to sit down and write, okay? It won't be long, I promise.

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