Hong Kong Adventures: Day 9

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What do you mean this is the last of Hong Kong Adventures? Wait...I'm already on Day 9? IT'S MY LAST DAY TO BASK IN THE MEMORIES OF MY HONG KONG RUNS?! While it's true I'm not going to have anymore Hong Kong Adventures except my Day 10 return to Malaysia, there's still a few Hong Kong Eats pending so don't be that happy yet. Plus when I'm done with all these travel logs, I will have nothing to really brag about on my blog anymore so you could expect lots of peace and quiet. But here we go with my Day 9!

We started off in the morning with Her Royal Highness; my grandmother, wanting to buy us breakfast. She said that she hasn't gotten to properly spend her money throughout the entire trip because meals were always paid for and she didn't go shopping as her knees hurt. She had remembered being in Hong Kong more than 10 years back when she ate with my grandfather at Wing Fat Noodles so that was the spot we all went to in order to put a smile on the face of her Royal Highness.

The final spot that Uncle Eddie thought we should visit to wrap up our entire trip was the Hong Kong Heritage Museum so off we went after our breakfast (Proudly bought by my grandmother!) to the Hung Hom train station. We had to walk about 15 minutes to get there via a pedestrian bridge and we regularly go past it when we're on the mini van. Much like the KL Sentral locally, the Hung Hom train station is one of the central stations to all trains. Our ride of the day was a change from the regular MTR rides and it was instead a true train ride. I would compare it to the KTM but seriously, there is no fight in this.

The train was clean, well lit, properly air-conditioned and people were so much more courteous, it's impeccable! To top it off, announcements were clear and multilingual with kind advices to be careful when we leave the train as there is a gap between the station and coach. Oh and did I also mention that it is at least 60% quicker than the KTM? Our stop was at Shatin and my initial thought was that the place looked a little more run down; a clear sign that this wasn't like our other days.

We walked by Snoopy's World!

And I found myself a new boyfriend called Snoopy!

To get to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum however, we needed to take a short walk from the Shatin station and whizz through several malls including one that was called Hilton Plaza. We couldn't help but to laugh and Chef took a picture to send back to his group who were back here working. The pictures above were taken at a mall called the New Town Plaza Shopping Mall that had a Snoopy themepark for children! All the malls were linked and we hardly had to get out to where the heat (Or cold winds, actually...) were. It's almost like how IKEA and The Curve is linked; just in case you needed an example to know better.

Road signs for easy walk arounds.

Having Uncle Eddie walk with us is more of a blessing than anything else because he knows his way around even though we'd hit a wrong turn occasionally just to double back to the right track. Sometimes when you're abroad, that's the best way to look at the scenery and know more of everything than just heading towards that one place you have been "programmed" to head to so if you want a trip that's just about half as fun as I did, you should know that getting lost is the best travel experience ever!

And there we were!

Chef with a statue of Bruce Lee.

 Entrance per person was only HKD 10!

There were 3 different agendas happening in the museum when we were there but entrance fees remained the same as to being HKD 10 only! We first went for the theaters where they had a documentary of Bruce Lee's life because it was one of the highlights on why we were there in the first place and I've never found myself more fixated on a screen during a documentary. Ever! The hour long documentary included interviews of his sister, wife and close friends which made it even harder to watch especially when they touched on his sudden death. For one moment he complains of a headache and the very next moment, he's just gone. He did grow up as quite a person with ADHD though when most of them mentioned about how he never sits still; he has to actually drum on the table with his fingers when he is seated just to calm his nerves.

We walked to one of the halls later on for more of the "Bruce Lee: Kung Fu-Art Life" exhibition where they had stories of his life, clothes he wore, things he trained with and everything else related to him on display. They even had notebooks and handwritten letters by Bruce Lee himself so you could see his extremely cursive handwriting as well as sketches on how he arranged his fight sequences in the movies he acted in. Quotes from Bruce Lee were sometimes so hilarious, I couldn't help but to rethink what I had in mind for him besides the fact that he fought really well and was quite noisy. 

It was really amazing for someone like me who has never gone on an in-depth understanding to someone like Bruce Lee although I've seen several famous movies of his. Pictures were unfortunately not allowed so I have none to show you. But I can tell you a quote he wrote on a miniature coffin during the filming of The Green Hornet simply because I think it is relevant and extremely funny to think about. "IN MEMORY OF A ONCE FLUID MAN CRAMMED AND DISTORTED BY THE CLASSICAL MESS" [Bruce Lee, 1966 - 1967] Fun fact: Did you know that Bruce Lee was never Lee Xiao Long but instead Lee Jun Fan?

 The exhibition of Eddie Lau.

A quote by Anita Mui about Eddie Lau.

Our next stop was the "Fashion, Image, Eddie Lau" exhibition, one that showcased the works of a famous image designer especially to the late Anita Mui. Eddie Lau however, wasn't just her image designer who made her dresses and have her look pretty; he literally became her best friend who performed magic on a figure as beautiful as Mui. And because they allowed photography without flashes in the exhibition, scroll on to find the amazing works of Eddie Lau for Anita Mui!

One of Mui's favourite that she wore during her concert in 1992.

Lau doesn't compromise on quality when it comes to pretty dresses!

And more. I really liked the white one at the back for its simplicity.

The designs were always so body flattering, it's amazing.

My favourite from the entire exhibition.

Of course, Eddie Lau didn't only design for Anita Mui but also did them for artists like Leslie Cheung, Roman Tam, Liza Wang and William So just to name a few. Rumour has it that he stopped making them after the passing of Anita Mui however because he wanted to simply be known as the sole and exclusive image designer of Anita Mui. Talk about being loyal to your best friend!

With clothes that William So wore for his concert. Yes, Eddie Lau designed them.

Sketches and inspirations.

The story as time flows. 

Spot the artists you know from here!

I'm obviously looking at Leslie Cheung and Roman Tam from here.

More works for Anita Mui.

A message from the late Anita Mui, handwritten and autographed with love.

We had a short chat...or at least I talked.

We did try to continue on into the 3rd exhibition that had antiques from the Mainland brought in but we gave up midway because we had no idea how to look at them anyway. To return, we walked back to the New Town Plaza Shopping Mall only to realize that we really should have lunch together before we split up for the next thing on our personal itineraries. While Uncle Eddie and daddy headed to a temple nearby, mum, Aunt Cindy and I thronged back to the Ladies' Market for more shopping and Chef went home.

I did find more iPad casings during my walk but this time around, the seller didn't quite bother about me when I asked for the price and when I haggled so I gave up. I suppose casings and I aren't quite fated to be when in Hong Kong. While they were substantially cheaper and prettier, things just weren't meant to be. *Drama* I did however snag the bracelet that they had from the TVB series, "Triumph In The Skies II" that aired and ended a month before I got to Hong Kong for an extremely cheap price so that made me happy enough to move along. My mother is the best price haggler in the world, I swear.

A sight of Hong Kong like it always is.

Less glamorous, more local.

We cut shopping time really short that day because of our last dinner with Aunty Jane while we were in Hong Kong and got home by 5 PM via the bus. People in Hong Kong are actually really nice to tourists and they would tell you which bus is the better one to take in order to get back to where we need to without the unnecessary stops and detours. Either that or we're extremely lucky because midway through, we couldn't find the right bus stop for the bus we had to hop onto.

Our night was dedicated to packing the clothes we came with alongside the extras we bought and the shoes we hauled right after dinner. The perks of having a stewardess aunt includes the fact that she could stuff just about every single thing into one bag without crushing anything or leaving creases on our clothes. It's an amazing skill and I shall learn it one day. So yes, that's just about my Day 9 in Hong Kong that's filled with things to learn, people to see and sides to look at. I probably shouldn't say that it was my last day because on the 10th day, we had quite the morning hours to enjoy the last of Hong Kong so I suppose I will nip on that another day. I shall simply end this blog post with the most adorable picture I have taken throughout the entire trip...

Because nothing will ever be more adorable than looking at Her Royal Highness pack her belongings then wear my hat and smile for my camera. Nothing.

And you'll hear from me soon about Hong Kong Eats. I can't just end it with Day 10 now. I can't part with the memories of my amazing days in Hong Kong!

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