Hong Kong Eats: Tin Yin Dessert & Man Wah Restaurant

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Oh my God it's the dessert shop I want to rave about the most! Finally, I can be talking about this and going al, "IT'S SO BLOODY GOOD" over and over again. I mean, if you didn't already know, I am a dessert freak. I love just about anything sweet with little choices being on my no-go list. Things like durian (I know, I know...what sort of a Malaysian does that make me?) just doesn't cut it. So when we found this out-of-the-world dessert shop in Cheung Chau, you can just imagine the enthusiasm that exploded inside me for a little bit.


It wasn't an intentional stop at Tin Yin Dessert but instead just a question from Uncle Eddie if we were hungry. Considering how it was just about to hit 4 PM, we left off for a more tea-time / dessert meal rather than anything proper. It was just a lucky strike for us to walk into Tin Yin Dessert because...it just appealed to us and nothing more.

Something's wrong with the lighting, I don't get what! But here's the store front.

Tau foo fa with gingko and barley dessert.

Out of good courtesy, I decided that I didn't want to bother everyone with their desserts so I didn't picture all that we've had at Tin Yin Dessert. I regret that right now because everything of theirs is really good. Mum and I shared out this tau foo fa with gingko and barley and we were pretty blown away. The tau foo fa was delicately soft while the gingko and barley dessert combination to it wasn't overly sweet to give us a diabetes. They were also very generous on gingko which is great because some places would just throw in one or two and call it a day.

Mango glutinous rice.

Oozing with mango puree, so good that I cannot even...

Right, just let me relive this moment for a little while. If you notice in the picture of the storefront, there's a display rack that you'll see in cake shops and that's where they have these little packs of glutinous rice desserts. Of course, they didn't just have it in the mango variant but others such as the black sesame and peanut paste was available too. On other days, they may even have a durian flavour but they ran out on that day (THANK GOD!) so we settled for their bestselling mango ones. And we totally know why it's their bestseller now. 

On first bite, you'll get a soft and really chewy bite to the piece of carefully wrapped up dessert and the flour really covers your lips with its cool touch. You'd figure, that's it right? WRONG. The mango puree on the inside really oozes out the minute you have it in your mouth and the taste is completely out of the world, I don't even know how to properly talk about it. We were all so excited, we ordered 3 more to eat in and half a dozen to take home for everyone else to try. This is the absolute bomb and if I were to be back in Cheung Chau again, I'll start bringing home a dozen then binge like my life depended on it.

Sidetrack note: Did I really just use two paragraphs to talk about one dessert? Yes. That's how good it is. It deserves two paragraphs of description!

"Muah chee" with peanuts.

It's a little difficult trying to describe what "muah chee" is because most of these Chinese desserts utilizes glutinous rice flour so when you put it in English, everything is just called glutinous rice balls. This was really good too with the whole lot of peanuts being strewn over the "muah chee" to cover it up but I felt like the ones I've had from the little stall outside of O&S Restaurant in Paramount, Petaling Jaya is better. Rejoice! There's something in Malaysia that's better in Hong Kong, finally!

Last words on Tin Yin Dessert is that you MUST visit them for the mango glutinous rice. It is so amazing, I would just about do anything to take another bite of it right now. Do try their other desserts too because it all looks very tantalizing but there were only so many things we could really have...

Tin Yin Dessert
G/F, 9 Tai Hing Road,
Cheung Chau
Closed on Mondays


On our 8th day of walking around in Hong Kong, we went around the Ladies' Market area and had the few streets swept in experience. Of course, with that would come the thought of having to feed ourselves and what Chef initially wanted was an experience in having something extremely authentic which meant whatever that's really Hong Kong per say like wanton noodles. What we couldn't find however was exactly that so when we walked past Man Wah Restaurant, we just thought about how we would settle for anything right now.

Tada! Doesn't that look elegant?

The insides...from outside.

It looked like a typical Hong Kong style "fast food restaurant" as they would call it and it had the vibe of our local Kim Gary franchise. Sure, it's completely different in terms of food taste, price and what not but it's just to give you an idea of things. To get in, you needed to be in the queue. The thing with eating in Hong Kong is that you have to queue wherever you go for food. Our initial table was a table allocated for 2 initially but we squeezed in anyway. Luckily for us though, a table for 5 quickly opened up and we shifted over so we could eat properly.

An open up drawer for utensils! How smart! Sugar, creamer, salt and pepper all included. Even toothpicks were in there so you didn't have to ask!

My iced milk tea.

I still have no idea why I ordered this with ice but it's my regular feat to get my drinks with ice unless it's freezing cold outside. Perhaps that's why it was a little watered down but it was still nicer than most "teh ais" you get in Malaysia.

Toast, scrambled eggs and luncheon meat.

Macaroni in chicken broth and ham.

I didn't snap pictures of what Chef, Shin Yi and my dad have but what you see above is my meal that I shared with mum. In fact, it's a whole lunch set where you get a drink, toast, scrambled eggs, luncheon meat and macaroni in chicken broth with ham for only HKD 35. If you're going to convert that, it's just about RM 20. Hello, you get a main meal, sides and a drink for all that in such a huge portion, okay? Talk about being a real value for money! We initially thought it would be weird to have macaroni in chicken broth but it was surprisingly really good without being overly salty or anything off taste. The scrambled eggs were extra fluffy and the luncheon meat was...meaty I guess?

This is considered Hong Kong's fast food restaurant to the locals and not McDonald's or Burger King of that sort. No. This is their fast food restaurant where everything gets served within 5 minutes, you get food stuffs that are really value for money then you eat and leave. It's a typical working adult lunch place where everyone is somehow in for such a considerably cheap (in Hong Kong standards) lunch. Ah, the things you learn about a place whenever you get all touristy...

Man Wah Restaurant
G/F, 153-159
Tung Choi Street, 
Mong Kok

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