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By Elie - 5:49 PM

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So it's been a while since an update like this. Or not. But really, I don't even know who comes by to read about these rants. In fact, I've just found out that some of my high school friends don't even read my blog! Shame on you people! Nah, I'm kidding. To each their own on reads. Anyway, I guess sometimes you'd need a reminder of how things have run throughout your life because time just whizzes by and the previous joy that happened was graduation. It doesn't feel any different considering how I've actually left college for half a year and counting now. The ritual isn't different, it's just the feeling of having a diploma in hand. Or a piece of expensive printed paper anyway. Hey, this paper is worth RM 31,300 okay?

Still shocked that I did it, yes.

I've also been in the working industry for about 4 months and if there's anything that I hate, it's traffic in the morning from home to the office. Seriously, why do people somehow drive EXTRA slow in the morning? Is it because they're half asleep or is it because they think they have tons of time in hand? All I want is to get to my office and chill out or even doze off for an hour or so but all that has to come with an entire rage package beforehand. Oh and I've come to realize that some people with expensive cars are probably handicapped. This observation is backed by the fact that NONE of these flashy and pricey cars are ever willing to turn on their indicators when switching lanes. Can't you people get prosthetic arms or something?


Being in the working world clearly isn't something that I've thought well about, what with the ritual waking up and dying off in bed that seems to go on and on. I mean, I've set my alarm about half an hour earlier before I'm supposed to get up so I could keep hitting the snooze button just to cheat my body out of the "waking up" fiasco. This however, doesn't mean that I am not enjoying it. Truth is, I'm liking the days I get to walk into the office and laugh at my colleagues; for the things they say and do while other times it's the satisfaction of handing in files knowing that I've checked another thing off my list for things I am supposed to do.

I find tons of  joy whenever I refresh my Outlook feed and realize there is no incoming e-mail because it means (Bless their souls!) the clients are okay with whatever we've sent them. And THAT would mean I don't have to correct anything or find replacements for whatever that isn't satisfactory. It doesn't happen a lot but when it does, it's the nicest feeling ever. The learning curve is great if there's feedback but sometimes you just really want to chill out and know you've done well just to earn a pat on your own yourself.

I can finally post this selfie!

I've been itching since forever to post this selfie up because I really like it and it was supposed to be used in announcing my change in glasses frames but clearly that isn't needed anymore. I am however quite proud to have finally made the switch from my old frames to these new ones that. Any thoughts on it? I've also gained an immense amount of weight from the day this was taken so it's probably not the most accurate picture of me to be looking at.

It's been a complete roller-coaster ride recently what with my emotions going completely out of hand and all I'm doing at home is wallowing in both joy and sadness with my soft toys. I should consider getting a life. But then again, I am here blogging so I don't think that's a viable thought of what I should be doing. What I'd really like to do here though is to say thank you to my friends who has been listening to me rant, rant and do nothing but complain. You guys are amazing and for keeping up to my rubbish, you ALL deserve this loving shout out. Thank you, people!

 Girly dinners always end up in selfies.

There are more friends who deserves pictures here but I have either not seen them face to face and have forever just been talking on Facebook chat / WhatsApp or I've never taken a picture with them. It's possible, okay? So yeah, is probably the kind of rubbish I'd be posting a lot of later on because things are pretty boring for me. It's just a routine right now and there's nothing more that I love than spending time with the family and being in bed with my soft toys. Don't judge my need for such cuddly company in bed, I have security issues. Until the next blah blah update, stay alive!

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  1. You know, I saw the post graduate title and I thought you have interest in pursuing them, then i found out it mean "POST GRADUATE/ AFTER GRADUATE".

    Anyway, I am a strong advocate of education, so if you ever consider Post Grad studies, it can never be a bad decision. Research is a whole lot of fun and you get to write papers that could potentially be Grade A journal material.

    Congratulations on your graduation and regardless of what route you choose (post grad or work), I'm sure you'll do perfectly fine.


    1. Alamak misleading pulak hahaha. No, I doubt I'd be furthering my studies over financial matters and also for the fact that I don't quite like having to study to begin with.

      Thankiu Shah! I hope I will but there's always people all around who have indirectly become my motivation over time. <3


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