Birch Plaza @ Times Square Penang, Georgetown

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It's the weekends again and I am still on a Penang recovery state! Gosh I would have never imagined that I would enjoy Penang so much, especially now that I no longer frequent it yearly. I guess this is how people are; we tend to only appreciate something when we don't get it anymore. Urgh, lesson learned!

So if you've remembered from my previous blog post, I was in Penang over the weekends and we stayed at the Birch Plaza that's just above Times Square Penang in Georgetown. Location wise, it's the best place ever besides the Heritage zone (Armenian Street and such) because it only takes you 5 minutes to walk down to Komtar and you'll get to Penang Road in about 10 minutes. All this, just by walking!

 You'll need an access card to get into the lifts to go to the units. Good security!

 Lights of Penang at night! Gosh I miss looking out to this!

And then this is my morning view! How can you not love this place?

I was actually pretty shocked to see a view like this one, probably because we stayed on the 11th floor. It was quite the sight to wake up to seeing the pool and a jacuzzi...which we didn't quite go to. Still a very pleasing factor if you're staying longer than just over the weekends because you know this is the kind of amenity you will get after a long day out in Penang.

Our units consisted of 2 bedrooms, 1 attached bathroom and a common bathroom, a huge living space, a kitchen and a laundry room. Yes, you read that one right. They actually provided us with a clothes rack and a washing machine, possibly for those who are going to be there for a longer time.

The master bedroom consists of a king sized bed and 3 REALLY comfortable pillows. Bed was also at the right size to fit 3 girls.

Closet space and a plug point modified for me to charge my phone instead of powering the light.

The boys' room. Clearly I didn't bother with presentation. It's fitted with one single bed and a single bed.

And bright lights from the big window on the side along with a cupboard.

The bathrooms were actually of a decent size, quite a shocker for me because I was expecting minuscule bathrooms since my grandparents' place didn't have that big a bathroom. We even had to fight whenever we went back for Chinese New Year so this was really surprising for me.

Master bathroom. It's sized decently if someone has to actually use the toilet and someone else takes a shower. But uhm...who does that now?

A bathtub in the master bathroom! I used this for a bubble bath on Sunday morning!

 The share bath on the outside that's decently sized for shower and "businesses" per say.

The most surprising factor of the entire unit however has got to be the size of the place. It was huge!

We had a proper dining table, clearly full of our stuff.

 Lots of roomy space! Television, sofa set, coffee table and extra space for everything!

I completely forgot to take pictures of the kitchen and laundry room though because I was overly excited over everything there is! But trust me on this because it was really a joy to be staying at Birch Plaza @ Times Square Penang.

Our stay costed RM 350 odd a night and when we split amongst ourselves, we each only had to pay RM 100! We were in the heart of town, the amenities were great and it's affordable. And the caretaker of the place, Victor was also a whole lot of help over the entire trip. We corresponded on e-mails, phone calls and he was really nice when we met him on the morning that we checked out.

If you're drooling over renting the unit already, you can get to Victor at 019-470 0141. He's promised to hook us up to good deals in the future so maybe if you're lucky, you will too!

P/S: The only down side to the unit is the horrendous levels you have to drive to get to the parking lots but they're really safe and you don't really need to take your car out all the time when you're in Penang. Experience it the Penangite way with bicycles and walking!

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  1. gosh! i didnt know that till now! :(

    1. It's never too late to enjoy Penang again! :)


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