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By Elie - 4:30 AM

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A movie review! It feels like it's been forever since my last premiere screening (Actually it's probably just been 8 months because I stopped going when I began to work full time) and Lucy felt like the right movie to start off with. But I was wrong.

The movie starts off with...animals. Seriously, it's so apt when I say the movie is all about monkey business! What seemed like the most simple job in the world turned sour for Lucy when she's suddenly caught in a deal of drug trafficking and life turns topsy turvy for her. And what you see in the trailers is just about what you get on excitement. There's nothing more. And I didn't like the movie any more than I like durians. If you're wondering...I hate durians.

I'll smirk, because I have access to my brain that you don't.
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For someone with such a pretty face and a figure to die for, Scartlett Johansson plays Lucy in the movie...uhm...Lucy. The sad thing however is that she is so monotonous in this movie, I thought the character would have been better off played by Kristen Stewart. The only times that Johansson had any forms of facial expressions is when she seemed scared and for that too, I was extremely disturbed with the close ups that the director wanted. It was so intriguingly disgusting, I don't even know what to really say about it.

  Hello? What? You mean I'm not spared from this bad movie?
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Even "God" is not spared in Lucy, with a mediocre act that certainly did not impress me at all. If anything, I think this is one of the few movies that I have seen of Freeman that I am completely not liking. In fact, there were so many close up shots of Freeman in the movie that I couldn't stop counting his pores and moles. [Edit: Tania told me that it is a skin condition that Freeman has called DPN] 

So my final verdict on Lucy? I'll say it only marks off 2/10 on my personal scale but of course that's just because I am not someone who has a good looking for these kind of movies. Seriously, you need so much brains to watch it that 100% of its capacity isn't even enough. If you're someone who enjoys a little sci-fi to top with some action and Scarlett Johansson hotness, you could make your way to the cinemas but it just isn't my kind of show.

Kristen Stewart, just because I think she she would have been a better Lucy. Naturally.

Thanks for the tickets to the Churpremiere to Lucy however, Churp Churp. You have re-opened my involvement in premiere screenings and I'm hoping to be there a little more than before.

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  1. 8 months?! We need to go watch more movies liao

    1. Hahahah yeah because premiere screenings tend to end a bit late and I used to start my day really early so timing didn't allow ma...


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