Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender

By Elie - 4:30 AM

Hello, people! It's the weekends again and there's nothing nicer on a weekend than to be lazy and only tend to effortless things. Seriously, brunches were made for a reason. Which is why even cooking should be kept to a minimal with preparations going from zero to none.

And bam! There's this. 

I've never recalled owning a blender at home because I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen (Breaking women stereotypes!) but very often when I see recipes online that makes any kind of food seem like a circus in your mouth, I actually have the urge to make it. But of course, it would require a blender...which I don't even think we have.

A complete set.

The set of Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender comes with the body of the blender, a mini chopper, the break-resistant blender beaker and the coolest thing of it all: the On-The-Go bottle. Bear in mind also that the blender itself packs up to 350W in motor power while its blades goes on to tackle both soft and hard ingredients.

Detachable blender blades.
With detachable blades made of stainless steel, washing and changing blades for different uses is actually pretty easy. Plus there's even a rubber grip to the sides of the blender blade unit so it holds firmly to the chopper, blender beaker or On-The-Go bottle as it deals with everything inside but slips right off to wash really easily.
 Easy directions to attach and detach blades.

All removable parts are also dishwasher safe for people who find it a lot easier to pop it in the machine when there's a full load of dishes to do and can be put away easily without taking up much space in the kitchen because of its size and cool features such as a cord storage at the bottom of the blender body.

Trying the blender out.

In case you think I'm all talk and no do, here's something I've done recently. I made a good serving of orange-carrot smoothie then hid all day in my room catching up on the Hong Kong series that I've been missing out on during work times. I guess you could call me a couch potato smoothie.

Half-finished fresh smoothie.

My bad with the picture above, I forgot to take a picture of my finished product because it was actually REALLY good especially given that it was a hot day. There was no sugar or water added, unlike smoothies you'll get in premises outside that are probably loaded with nasty stuff to seem like you're getting a whole lot out of your money.

You could get more info on where to grab your own Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender and other details such as pricing and what not from this link. Just remember people, it's always better to make your own juices and smoothies than to buy them from outside. It's friendly to your wallet, good for your health and happy for your tummy! If you've got good smoothie recipes, do share with me too! Until then, it would probably be orange-carrot smoothie 80% of the time.

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