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By Elie - 7:48 AM

As much as I despise blog posts that are depressing and horrifically mood killing, I guess this one had to come. If you would have noticed while being on my social media, I have been a little under the weather over a little matter; that is that I have once again joined the unemployment line. It wasn't that I quit nor did the company truly kick me out on bad terms, but they did hit a little turbulence and had to let some of us off. It was unexpected. It had to be done. And nobody should be blamed for it.

So what's it like to be unemployed again after going on a freelance basis for 4 months and full timing over 8 months? Boring. I swear, the peer pressure CAN get to you as you see everyone talking about work or pursuing respective degrees and masters. For a moment, you will feel like the most insignificant being around while attempting to pick up pieces of what feels like a broken world. You will speak about your office and the people in it as though you still belong and even worse than that, you will have a moment where you wake up thinking you're late to work.

So long, farewell.

On the flip side however, there are also days when you will tell yourself a better day is coming. Surely the feeling sucks in having to fight with just about 1974824 more fresh graduates out there for a job that you have set your eyes on, but it doesn't mean you should let your guard down. Plus, there is more time for things like friends and family for the time being. The amount of time you suddenly have in your hands for random things like swimming or sitting around to blog while sipping on a cup of earl grey tea is actually very relaxing.


It's been an entire week since the news broke to my family, friends and I so I suppose things are still a little chaotic. From sorting out what I should do next to wondering where I should be, it's all a blur. But that's alright. Because after a storm comes the rainbow...or something like that. I'll find my pot of gold by the end, I'm sure.

In the mean time, I am now open for freelance copywriting again so if you know of someone who needs anything written for them, you know where to get me!

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