Rakuten Super Sale September!

By Elie - 4:30 AM

I suppose we should all by now be familiar with the song, "Wake me up when September ends" since it's the lyric everyone chooses to post on social media whenever September looms. For me, it does give a nice punch to it considering then end of September always means it's my birthday! This September however, it also means the arrival of Rakuten's Super Sale September event!

Running from the 25th of September to the 1st of October, the Super Sale comes just in time to dish out on the latest Autumn/Winter 2014 collections from brands such as Sweet Sixties, Sporty Chic and Fairytale fashion so everybody gets to look fashionably good without breaking a sweat in our sweltering heat. I mean, we don't have Autumn or Winter here in Malaysia but it doesn't mean we can't look good in their collections, right?

Rakuten Super Sale happening 25th September - 1st October, all day long!

In fact during the period of the Rakuten Super Sale, shoppers are going to be rewarded with money-saving promotions such as the Time Sale event, Everything under RM 99 promotions and bundle + free shipping deals! That's like putting something on sale then slashing the prices again so you practically go a little crazy shopping when you visit the Rakuten website or connect with Rakuten on Facebook or the phone application LINE.

As for me, I've been scurrying the Rakuten website and looking through their Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion trends only to land my eyes on this amazing piece that would be perfect for my cousin's wedding in November.
 Stylishly parading the Open Back Skater Dress in Beige from KEI MAG.

Sophisticated yet simple, I'm putting my money on turning a number of heads back (No pun intended) during the upcoming banquet dinner. I left no hesitation to put a piece into my shopping cart even when it is currently on back order because I'm very sure it will come in time for me to lavishly look good when the night comes.

Oh and if you're not one for fashion goods online, Rakuten also holds products in health, beauty, electronic, food (Hint: They have really amazing KitKat flavours!) and grocery categories so nobody has to slip out of their oversized clothes and home pants when they do their shopping. Everything is at the tip of your finger with your computer or phone, anytime and anywhere you are! Happy shopping, people! After all as Rakuten says, shopping is entertainment!

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