The Little Days

By Elie - 9:18 AM

Hello, Shneep-people! Okay I am typing this from my iPad because I thought of trying out the blogging-on-the-go feel so if there are typos all over or spacing issues all about, leave me a comment and let me know.

Anyway, here's a fun fact: I never stopped sleeping in my parents' room until I was 8. This would have resulted in my father knowing when I sleep and when I wake up especially on school days. The thing with me however is that I hardly enjoyed sleep time (WHAT WAS I THINKING?) so I had a habit of lying down and pretending to fall asleep but I'd put my hands up and fool around with my fingers in the air.

To me, this was how he would never catch me still awake because I'm technically flat on the floor and possibly have dozed off with shut eyes. In fact when I looked over, this is what I would see.

He couldn't see me, I was sure of it!

Whenever this happens, my dad also shouts out to me and says, "Go and sleeeeeeeep." which leaves me puzzled because...HOW DID HE KNOW? And last night when I put up in their room again, I realized an important thing.

This was how.

He could totally see my fingers! What. Was. I. Thinking. But then again, I was only about 7 or 8 years old. In fact, I looked like this.

Cute, no? That's my buddy when we were 7 and her name's Faustina.
I had to bug my cousin for this picture so you best appreciate this!

So yes, here's a post to remember the days when I was sillier, funnier and a lot more naive. Exactly as I've said, the little days. I just thought I should share. 

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