Come ye 2015

By Elie - 5:00 PM

Come forth and meet your match, 2015! I know that each year I would put up seemingly unrealistic resolutions that I never seem to hit right in the target but to make them is just about half the fun. So what can be of 2015 without a resolution to look at, right? This year however, I have made it extra reasonable and less impossible...if that's even possible. And so come ye 2015, I shall see it through to meeting you.

  • Love myself more
The better half of me: Me.

By this, I absolutely do NOT mean that I will be posting a billion selfies in a day but instead to care for myself more than bothering on other things that somehow do not affect me whether directly or indirectly. Perhaps a lot more evident to my family and close friends, I absolutely let myself go in the year 2014 and hardly bothered about things like my weight, my skin and my health. As such I ballooned to my personal high of 52kgs, had acne issues that were so prominent with no amount of Photoshop that could help, and fell sick so many times, I could have just opened a drug store with the amount of medicine I have had.

So in 2015, my hope is to see myself caring. For me. It's just a little promise from me to me but to have it said out seems to feel much more real than to keep it in. I sincerely hope that this reaches out to everyone else too because by the end of the day, you will still be you and there's no one who deserves more love than yourself.

  • Do well in Japanese
 Because working hard brings improvements.

An ultimate miss in the year 2014, I hope that this year would bring changes to my language skills. Having picked up Japanese in August 2013 as soon as I stopped college, I do hope that I could be conversing in the language without the need for stutters. I mean, it definitely wouldn't be my first language but if I were to have another Japanese friend come to Malaysia for a visit, I wish I could just speak to them as well as I could in Chinese or English.

Keeping it up with the help of storybooks my teacher graciously gave me and having my regular conversations with a friend called Masaaki. Why are Japanese people so amazing?

  • Travel more with family and friends
 My little red book and a bag on wheels.

I am aware that in the year 2014, I have made more trips to Penang that I used to have when my grandfather was alive and we had a home there. I was also given the opportunity to visit the Philippines along with new friends made thus in 2015, I look forward to more bags to pack and places to see because if not now, when? Cliche as this is, I am a firm believer that travels can help you grow as you see more of what is outside of the world you know and meet people who will always interest you in learning new things or experiencing new chapters of life. This isn't an easy resolution because everything is immensely costly especially given my range of salary, but in faith brings miracles so let's have this around as a great hope to look forward to.

  • Read more regardless of novels or self help books
A beginning, perhaps.

I've realized that since the start of my college days, I stopped reading as much as I used to and my very familiar excuse is that I haven't got the time. What I have failed to realize however is the amount of closure and relaxation reading once brought to me when I was much younger. This year, I have all these books surrounding me (I say surround because my room is an utter mess that cannot be saved so I have books all over) and while I will not promise to read them all, I hope to complete just at the very least 10 to 20 of them all. Evidently when I am done, I am pledging to send them out to donations for the poor so everyone finds as much joy in reading as I do.

  • Fuel my hobby as a reward to all I have done
 I apologize for the lack of a picture, perhaps a video would do better?

I have this belief that in life, you can't just keep going. You can't keep hoping for someone else to always shower you with praises or recognize the effort you have put in either because what you may feel is great will probably just be mediocre to them. This however does not mean that you haven't done a good job so in 2015, I am hoping to reward myself if I ever feel like I have thrown in my best to anything in hand. By saying this, I am obviously NOT saying that I need such acknowledgements but if I am constantly only degrading myself then I would never find the push to keep going, right? This sounds very contradictory to my first line but I guess it's almost like saying we should take a break before going on. In the words of those who know Chinese, 休息是為了走更远 的路。 We all need a breather once in a while, folks. Don't keep putting yourself at the limits of falling down a cliff you can't climb. Come back to the sane side...and build yourself some Nanoblocks.

And that's it. I've obviously dropped my number of resolutions and made them seemingly more reasonable, most of it because I can't think of what else to make as a resolution. I guess as you're growing into more commitments and begin to put more effort in the thoughts of other things than just resolving resolutions made, this does happen. I do hope that in 2015, I could be doing more than I have done in the past years so wish me luck as we grow together!

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2015 be greater for all of us.

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  1. Happy New Year! Hope your health and your Japanese improve a lot in 2015.

    1. Thank you, Lynn! Happy New Year to you too! :D


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