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Days since my last post: 5

Hurray to a form of consistency, because it's only been 5 days since my last post. I realize that I've been doing them in 3s last year but it would almost seem like this year is bringing me more adventures so let's spread them in 5s unless necessary.

I'm back on the food trail, much of my halting has come from my laziness and being broke. Or maybe it's just that I have gotten so fat, I have stopped eating. No, don't do that. Totally side tracked but let's get to business. So for those who don't already know, I am back on the workforce (Yay!) so coming home to dinner is a norm again! But here we were on a rare day where my parents were out of the home the entire day, granting us the luxury of eating; not just out of home, but out of our area!

Talk about 3D art!

Really interesting pieces on the walls of Thai Camp.

 Graffiti works too!

We came across Thai Camp, a little nook that spans at half a shop's width that sells; to nobody's surprise, Thai food. I've probably said this tons of times but I shall repeat that I absolutely love Thai food. I love how tangy and spicy yet sweet all at the same time that most of their dishes can present and setting my eyes on Thai Camp was like coming across heaven that appeared out of nowhere. It felt that way after a long day at work, I swear.

A good use of space below the stairs.

 Guess who's stealing free the prawn crackers!

Choices for us were limited however as there were only the 3 of us so we went with the normal stuff that seemed safest to try for. Bearing in mind that Thai Camp had been shortlisted both as the Best Thai restaurant and Best New Restaurant, I had quite a lot of my eggs into a basket and prayed for the most eye popping meal yet. Sadly however, I was not pleased.

Iced lemongrass without the lemongrass stalk.

The iced lemongrass drink for one was fairly disappointing as I had expected an extra kick of lemongrass taste to it but it was just overly sweetened, lacking in the lemongrass scent and the slice of mint leaf in it hardly did anything to the drink. Overall, I only finished the drink because I had already paid for it and that the meal was extremely tongue-numbing. But let me get to that later on.

Piping hot tom yum soup that's been filled to the brim.

There is no visit to a Thai restaurant  without the order of tom yum so we went with the Tom Yum seafood soup that would serve the 3 of us well. It came as per usual in a pot as seen and it was actually very annoying to me. Why couldn't Thai restaurants just serve them in bowls like normal people serves soup? The middle portion to these pots makes it 100% harder to get our ingredients from the serving!

 Abundances of ingredients are great I suppose.

I do give them credit however for the fresh large prawns that boasted a great bite and sweet to taste, the perfectly cooked squids and mushrooms. Because mushrooms makes everything wonderful. The soup however was such a let down as it was ONLY sour not at all sweet nor tangy or spicy as I had expected for it to be. It was just sour, as if someone had decided that sour should be the only taste anyone could ever have. We didn't even drink one quarter of the soup in the pot when I usually lap up all of any tom yum soups!

Pork phad kra pao with a side of veges.

Phad Kra Pao or the Thai Basil Chicken dish except in Thai Camp, you can substitute it for pork and that's just what we did. I guess I was really expecting a strong taste of basil like the phad kra pao from a restaurant in Centrepoint called Black Canyon but I have got to say that it tastes nothing like that here. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't enjoy the dish but I just thought it could have been done better. It wasn't spicy as opposed to how I thought it would have been and neither was it over the moon kind of good. It was just...okay.

Young mangoes, onions, celeries and lime juice.

A Thai staple order: Mango salad. Is this what they call a som tum? I've forgotten but the minute this came, I said goodbye to my taste buds. Perhaps it's just my family but neither of us liked this mango salad, much on the basis that it was overly spicy to begin with. We couldn't get the sour nor sweet off the mango because that was just it. Much like the tom yum soup, this only had one word stuck to it and it was the word SPICY. We hardly made it through half of it before it was left alone...only to be struggled through by the end of the meal.

 A welcoming entrance, no?

Bags are for sale if you're interested.

It costed us RM 65 for the entire meal inclusive of 3 servings of rice and it was probably just one of those that has made it to my disappointed list. I now doubt the shortlisting of famous websites and magazines on restaurants again. There is no government tax nor service charge here and the waiter, (And who I believe is the owner according to the phone application, Foursquare) Nic is a really cheery fellow so you won't be afraid to ask him questions.

A tiny spot of half a shop lot. I trust they have lights later at night.

Chances to a revisit is probably only at a 20%, much like the promotion that they currently have on their Facebook page. For now however, I think I would just stick to Khunthai for tom yum and Black Canyon for my Thai Basil chicken.

Thai Camp
37, Jalan 20/7,
Taman Paramount,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open from Tuesdays to Sundays: 6 PM - 10 PM

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  1. haha thai camp? then you should camp there! =p and yeah yay for Khunthai! =D

    1. I would camp there but the food isn't up to my taste so...NO CAMPING! :P

      Khunthai still tops at the moment, just until I find another Thai restaurant that serves food that's just as good.


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