By Elie - 5:56 PM

Days since my last post: 8

Hello Shneep-ers! Guess what's happening around here?

Maybe this would help.

Indeed, I have finally decided to give this space a revamp. It's funny how I started out in 2011 with different blog names till the day I learned to make a header before the purchase of my official domain and now it's time for the great big change.

What a journey, really. So bear with me over the weeks as I tweak things over and over again. You may notice changes in images, odd words running all over and little mistakes here and there but when all is done, it will hopefully be a great one.

Until then, give me some time. Maybe then you'll see a brand new space to fall in love with.

P/S: I say weeks because I suspect that I would only be working on this during the weekends. You know, the morning job and all...

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