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Once upon a time, my mum taught me how to operate the iron at home. It was the beginning of chore duties and what she wanted me to do was to iron my own school uniform. And then I burned my pinafore because I spent too much time texting my friends to explain how I couldn't text while ironing. And that was the end of the ironing era for me. #TrueStory

So my uniforms were never ironed. And my allowance got cut to buy a new pinafore.

But seriously, I was only 14 so I didn't know about the different settings on the dials and how they were supposed to be set differently...or that they couldn't be left on the piece of cloth for too long. I thought the longer it stayed, the quicker the crease would go off. I mean, why didn't anyone already think of an iron that switches itself off after a while and goes on any kind of cloth without the need for different settings on an old school dial?

Bam. Philips heard me. 

This, my fellow Shneep-ers is the Philips PerfectCare Azur Steam Iron. And it has no dials so no fuss for ironing dummies like me. This is thanks to the inbuilt Optimal Temp by Philips, a feature that allows you to iron on virtually any surface (Unless your shirt says not to iron it!) and it doesn't burn like regular irons do. 

So how do you set up an iron that doesn't burn the different fabrics that you wear but still sets things straighter than a teacher telling you that 1+1 is 2 and not a window?

First you add water to the water tank.

Then you wait for the light to blink. 

When the light stays blue, it means the iron is heated and ready to go!

There are 3 settings to choose from: 
Max for a super smooth ironing experience because there's steam that helps your iron glide through any material at all.
Eco for people who are majorly eco-friendly and cringe at the thought of using too much energy. Less steam comes out from the iron so in my honest opinion, it goes  back to the same result. 
No steam if you're not a fan of watching water vapor come out from your iron.

Mother duties includes ironing her son's wedding shirt.

Clearly as I've been banned from ironing duties, my mum had to step in and try out the Philips PerfectCare Azur Steam Iron. We first risked it on my brother's wedding shirt (Dear brother, if you are reading this, your shirt is very nicely ironed now!) because it was the main thing at home that needed ironing and here's what my mum had to say about the iron:

Very nice. Very smooth when ironing because the steam helps to smooth out the crease quicker. 
No need for me to PSHT PSHT PSHT (She literally said this...) with the water spray, I just press on the latch under the handle for more steam and then I can keep ironing. 

The tip is also very sharp so the joints and button areas also very easy to iron, saves me time and effort. Usually when I iron your daddy's clothes, so much work!

You can totally take the word of a housewife, okay? But just to make it more believable when Philips said the iron would switch itself off after 2 minutes of being left unattended, we put the one person who should never be allowed to iron to the test. Me.

My favourite denim dress.

Of course, we didn't fool around with my brother's wedding clothes anymore but because I was going to try it then my clothes were to be victimized. To prove a point, I even picked my favourite denim dress with swallow prints. I love this dress okay, Philips?

Smooth, smooth, smooth.

The result was actually quite amazing because even for a dummy like me, my dress still turned out smooth as ever at the Quattro Precision Tip ironed out the creases of the joint at the hip area very well. I was impressed because I kept nudging the tip over those areas and they somehow got ironed out.

The Philips Perfect Care Azur Steam Iron is also really easy to clean, thanks to the Calc Clean function. So once a month or as you see fit, simply press the Calc Clean button seen in bright orange here and the Anti-Calc tablet that has been built in will help remove dirt and scale particles from the iron.

One button to clean it all.

The Philips PerfectCare Azur range is available at major electrical and departmental stores and at a recommended price range of RM459 to RM599 (before GST). For more information, please visit

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