The Weekend My Parents Were Away

By Elie - 5:45 PM

Days since my last post: 6

It's the long weekends and there's nothing like updating my blog to celebrate it as it happens. *Throws confetti all around* Just joking, I'd have to clean it up later. And instead of the usual advertorial, I decided that today would be something pretty personal...because I have a friend who claims I write too many advertorials and everything is now boring on my space. But first, I'm going to sulk over the fact that they don't read my blog. I hope you're guilty now. I kid. But really.

Anyway, back to what my title suggests. The weekend where I had the absolute freedom to be a young adult who didn't have to bother about curfews and nagging, among the other things that came in that package.

The parents package, no trying and no returns. 

For those of you who didn't know, I've always been on the sheltered side of life and when I say that, I'll have you visualize that I have never stepped into a clubbing scene before, even at my age when it's apparently the best thing to do. Not that I actually want to because I'm assuming it's rowdy, smoky and grope-y all over but you should get the point. And yes, I do stay in on weekends and come home before midnight most days. The one time I came home at 2 AM after sending a friend off at the airport, my dad wanted to kill me...which wasn't very nice.

So when the opportunity struck on that weekend, I thought I would finally be able to do everything I never could with my parents around! I could try going into a club, I could come home at 3 AM and I could stop being a tied down young adult with strict parents. For that weekend anyway. I could be normal instead of being an outcast, blending in instead of being the weird kid. "Yessssssss!" I thought. Maybe even go on a random midnight road trip and come home without them ever knowing anything. Maybe.

The only rebellious thing I did that weekend was sleep in their bed at night. Yay! 

Well clearly, I did none of the above. I guess I did come home at about 12:30 AM on both Friday and Saturday after hanging out with my friends but that's just about it.  After all these years of wanting to be free and away, I actually had the feeling of just coming home to my nagging machines during that weekend. I guess humans are weird because we're always hoping for things we don't get. Even when I tried to "chill" with friends, I had this want to just be with my old people who were about 300 KMs away. And as much as I felt odd being the one who has no interest in raves and music-whatevers, I felt even worse being alone without the family.

And what indeed is the reason to this post? Because I want to remind myself whenever I feel like an outcast from my peers again, that life without my parents may be cool...but it's always nicer with them around.
The family package. It's alright, I never needed a return clause anyway.

Oh and just to make sure my dad doesn't kill me for coming home past midnight on those days, I'm sorry and I really, really love you. Cross my heart and swear to God, I do.

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