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Hello, hello! Feels like it has been a while since I've done a movie review, with the last being in September last year. So here's a post I plotted in my head since the moment I left the cinema dedicated to the movie...


Truth be told, I had not expected much from the movie because I personally had no idea it was coming out. I'm guessing publicity was scarce or that I'm just not nearly as updated on things. But when your best friend says that he would die to watch this movie, you simply follow through.
Newly released in Malaysia on the 6th of August, Southpaw stars none other than Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker and Oona Laurence. They star studded cast also included Rachel McAdams, 50 Cent, and Miguel Gomez, with a special mention of Skylan Brooks. No prizes for guessing but Southpaw is definitely centered with boxing but is also stabbed with emotional rides, inspirational fights and a bit of light hearted laughs. 

Jake Gyllenhaal is Billy Hope

Talk about a load of yum because Jake Gyllenhaal is topless for about three quarters of the movie. Playing the lead of Billy Hope, Gyllenhaal brings out a performance that just makes you pity him for his decisions and the wrongs he has done. You feel for the remorse in him, you feel for the hopelessness in him and you will definitely feel for the love he had for his wife Maureen (McAdams) inside of him. While I wish he didn't slur as much in this 124 minute movie, it did resonate well to the character he played. The emotions were raw, they felt real and Gyllenhaal nailed it right down to the core. 

Oona Laurence plays Leila Hope

As it turns out, Laurence isn't too new but perhaps she hasn't found her breakthrough either. In Southpaw, she plays Gyllenhaal's daughter called Leila Hope. And right now, I'm not finding any child actress who could fit the bill better. She's sassy, she's sad and she's got every other face feature you could be demanding for in Southpaw. I loved her so much, especially given how much she made me cry through the movie. Oh, haven't I mentioned on the emotional ride the movie brings you on? Well there you go.

Forest Whitaker as Tick Wills

Just when you think there aren't many weird names to go around, there is Whitaker who plays Tick Wills. His role here is simple. Run a gym, pick Gyllenhaal up and make him win. But Whitaker goes a little further than that, giving Southpaw the much needed comedic relief at tense moments. Maybe I've seen one too many of his movies so Whitaker doesn't exactly shine in Southpaw but he's bearable. It could be in the nature of his character too, which would then make him highly apt to the act. But who would know, really?
Watch it, just watch it! 
Southpaw: To watch or not? I would give you three thumbs up if I could but please for the love of boxing, watch it. I've never sat in a cinema watching a movie and feeling frustrated, emotional, happy, excited and angry all at once. Never, until Southpaw. The movie obviously sent me into tears too as I shamelessly wiped away the tears that fell and I had to hide my urges to cuss at the characters that made me grind my teeth.
I'll even throw in an 8/10 on my personal movie scale, ranking in one of my top enjoyed movies in the recent days. I may have had second thoughts on Southpaw before I purchased my tickets, but it was money well spent to see the action on big screen. 

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