Meeting UK: The Day I Saw London Bridge (Not) Fall Down

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Oh my gosh hello people! At this rate I won't ever finish talking about London because this is just the first day. So bear with me till 2016, I'll try my best to keep going as I think back about my happy days some 6,000 over miles away from home!

Here I'll touch on the few things I saw, much of it being just touch and go points for you to know. I mean hey, it's a tourist attraction. What could you really say about it right?


If you zoom close enough, you'll see the words LONDON BRIDGE etched on...the bridge.

So if you're like me and you grew up hearing the song, "London Bridge is falling down", then you probably wouldn't want to miss being at London Bridge. Because then you can finally prove that it did NOT fall down and in's nothing grand. I don't know why it's so famous as a song really, and I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around the thought of it falling down. So guys, it didn't fall down.

I can prove it.

Getting here: It's only a few minutes away from the Monument London Underground station and other stops includes the London Bridge (Obviously) and the Tower Hill via the Northen, Circle, District and Jubilee lines. That's right, get on a tube and you'll be there.


I like this shot. Almost like a whole difference of the dark and light.

If you walk by the River Thames via the Thames Walk that's just by the London Bridge however, you will come across the Tower Bridge, a much more iconic bridge asides the former and is well known to open up if big ships happen to pass by River Thames. My mum and colleague both saw it happening and as much as I prayed, it didn't open up for me. The sight of the Tower Bridge was still quite a bit to behold however, because it marvels in ways you can't explain. Of course, this is just a first timer kind of thing and there isn't much excitement after any more.

Cue the photobombing tourist behind me. Sigh.

 You can also walk across the bridge!

Getting here: Walking from the London Bridge will give you the satisfaction of the view over River Thames and you'll feel like an absolute local. Grab a coffee while you're at it. Maybe you'll love it even more!

Tourist tip: If you're willing to part with £9 or so while you're there, you can take a walk up the Tower Bridge and get across from one end to the other on the glass floors. That's right, that means when you look down, you will see all of us too! Not recommended if you're scared of heights.


I was promised a tower. I found a castle on green, green land.

Also known as Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Logo, this building houses tons of history dating back from the end of year 1066! It costs some money to go on a tour inside the building but you'll get to see some crown jewels worn by The Queen herself. I obviously...did not pay because I was cheapskate going on a budget travel and the exchange rates hurt. You will however still experience quite a lot from the outside, with sights such as the Traitor's Gate to behold.

The weather was mad! Raining one moment...

 And sunny the next! You'll spot the words Traitor's Gate if you look close enough!

Getting here: You've guessed it right, I absolutely recommend walking here from the London Bridge! It's really just along River Thames and you can't miss it because everyone heads there!


So so beautiful.

You probably can't say you've been to London if you haven't been to the St.Paul's Cathedral because it is here that Prince Charles and Lady Diana got married! It's one of the oldest churches to stand in London, having been built over 1,400 years back. Where were you 1,400 years back huh? That's right, you don't even know! And this church has already been there so you just have to be here to have a look at it. While I am not a Christian, they do accept visitors but no pictures are allowed inside so just be prepared with lots of photographic memory to the beauty of the architecture inside, okay?

As the cathedral was one of my last spots for the day, I spent about an hour or so to just relax and listen to the choir sing. It was an extremely calming and humbling experience and I recommend it if you're feeling tired after a long day. Just to close your eyes and free your mind from the bustling outsides. Amazing.

 The statue of Queen Anne outside the cathedral.

Getting here: The London Underground is your best friend! With just a 2 minute walk from the station, you can easily just hop onto the Central Line and then get off at the St.Paul's station and there you are.  If you're crazy enough however, the cathedral is also accessible via walking (That's how I got there!) from the London Bridge towards the Millennium Bridge and over. You'll really need a map for this and be prepared for a long walk but the sights along the way is worth it!

Meeting up miles and miles away.

The thing I loved most about the trip was the amount I had walked, because by this day I had already clocked over 30,000 steps from walking here and there! It all ended with meeting my ex-colleague who had come over to further her studies, and it was also my only Starbucks experience while I was in England. But hey, who takes Starbucks when you can have lattes for just £1.25?

I swear to you that I will try and blog more about the trip, but until then you'll have to deal with my really long intervals between my working and house cleaning. Sorry, I'm trying!

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