Meeting UK: The Day I Explored

By Elie - 12:15 PM

Days since my last post: 6

I guess it's now safe to say, I am one of the worst bloggers around because even after months and months of writing, I am only on Day 8 of my 12 day trip to England. And that was...a long while ago. But every post is progress, so bear with me okay? And I promise you, no more Harry Potter stories to inflict jealousy!

Having flown miles and miles over to the UK, I realized it was a bit silly not to try and reconnect with the people who were already there, so the first person I messaged was an ex-Nuffie, and the very person who gave me the opportunity to explore the world of being a blogger. Michelle. We were unfortunately too excited to have dinner, and she really wanted to show me around Kingston as much as possible, so we forgot to take a picture together. Best meet up ever?

Cue the Abba song! 

Getting to Kingston Upon Thames where Michelle (Or Mimi!) was felt a bit challenging because Google searches didn't make me feel very safe and it was apparently a half hour train ride before I could even fathom about looking at the town. But you know, if you're a tourist then you'll just do as tourists do! The journey begins when you get to the Waterloo Station, and not the underground one. The interior of the station is huge, and you'd have to look out for the right trains to get where you want to go. 

I'd also have to say at this point that the battery on my camera had died from my over-excitement at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour (Yes, this all happened on the same day!) so I didn't get much of Kingston to begin with. But it's a post I cannot skip, because you don't skip memories of trips! 

Cereal all day, every day!

The roads of Kingston. 

When I actually got to Kingston Upon Thames, it was close to 5 PM and it was also; to nobody's surprise, raining. I guess what they say about weather in the UK is true, that it is very unpredictable. I still got to explore tiny bits of the tiny town however, and it was quite a place that I wish I could have explored more. 

Where I bought chocolates for £2.95


Shops that sold special treats like Mr. Simms was also apparently found only in Kingston, and I couldn't help but to splurge about £7 or so in there just buying chocolates and other treats for my friends and brother. I wish I could have spent more though, because the flavours were all really interesting and we all liked the chocolate when we finally ate it. Regrets, I've had a few. 

They forgot how to phone box.

"Obligatory tourist shot," said Mimi.

Aptly named "Out of Order", these seemingly falling phone boxes have apparently been in Kingston since 1989. I thought it was really cute, because the phone box of UK is pretty prominent, and to have done something out of it made things pretty interesting. 

I wish I could have gone back to Kingston for another visit, but the train times were a little odd and so my trip over only spanned for about 3 hours or so and by the time Mimi and I were done eating, it was pretty dark out. But maybe someday, I shall return to Kingston too. 

Getting there: You can easily get here by train from the Waterloo Station, stopping directly at Kingston. The ride takes about half an hour, and the views are pretty scenic so if you're cool with all that, I really do recommend taking a visit!

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