Meeting UK: The Day My Dreams Came True Part 1

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Before I begin my post, I'd like to first bid goodbye to a character we have all loved to hate. Even after all these years? Always.

Alan Rickman. 
21st February 1946 - 14th January 2016

Better known as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter franchise, Alan Rickman became one of the most iconic characters, breathing life into him like no one can. And perhaps, there will never be another Professor Severus Snape like Alan Rickman.

*Deep breaths* 

I'm feeling horrible as I type this, and the coincidence just makes me feel like the magic of Harry Potter is real. I had no plans in matching dates like these and simply felt like I had to recap on my tour, and I suppose it fits just right now. And so, I shall live these moments again.

I've made it.

Located just 15 minutes away from where I (very luckily) stayed, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for The Making of Harry Potter became one of the must-visit spots for me, or I just cannot call myself a fan anymore. So even when the tickets were priced at £33 and I knew I had to wake up super early just to make it to my booked slot, I just went ahead with it. There was no turning back now!

£33 well spent. 

Do you remember these pieces?

Wasn't planning to, but now that you've mentioned it...

The entrance to the studio was pretty strict, requiring IDs and confirmation e-mails to confirm that you were indeed there for the tour. But I guess this was all for the better, because I felt no qualms after that being in the studio with the many guards standing outside.

Oh nothing much, just casually touching Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint's hand.

Ronald Weasley, how DARE you steal that car?

The cupboard under the stairs.

The entrance to the studio was nothing short of amazing too, with picture collections of the actors and actresses through the many episodes we've all grown to love. In fact, it even starts just like the movies do, with the sight of the actual set of the cupboard under the stairs.

Behind these doors is where the magic begins.

Onwards to the Great Hall! 

A cinematic experience awaits before you enter the Great Hall, and the staff working at the studios really makes sure you enjoy the entire thing. They were even so kind to ask if there was anyone celebrating great happenings, so they could open the doors together but I was too shy to tell them it was my first solo trip. It was me. 

Actual clothes on set.

The very first set of Gryffindor robes.

And behind me is Professor Dumbledore!

The Great Hall absolutely lived up to its name, giving you a sense of greatness that is you can't match anywhere. I guess all that was missing was the enchanted ceiling, but everything else was perfect. 

Little details. 

In front of the Mirror of Erised. Can't say I didn't have my "erised" here. 

Very fine details.

It was amazing how they put everything on display, showcasing even the finest of details that they had on set. Somehow the tour made me appreciate the movies even more, because you could seriously see how much effort they had put into making it all happen. And as someone who has done videography, I know what it's like when you just...want to make things happen. It's crazy.

Click to enlarge and you'll know which bed belongs to who! 

In the Gryffindor Common Room.

It almost felt like I couldn't finish up the tour, because I kept going in rounds to be in awe of the sights and I took what felt like a thousand pictures. Or close enough, because I actually do have 600 over pictures in total.

Among props. 

To unleash the basilisk.

And on that moving marble staircase.

What the studio tour captured were pieces of memorable scenes, each of them just holding a line that you won't forget. And in case you actually (HAD THE NERVE!) forgot about the scene, they even have place cards to give your mind a nudge so you'll recollect your memories on where it had appeared.

In the potions classroom.

 And in Hagrid's hut.

I couldn't stop laughing at how they tried to also include Fang inside of Hagrid's hut, but the resemblance was pretty uncanny. Tiny details in the potions classroom were not spared, complete with labels on the potion beakers and actual cauldrons from the set.

"Lemon drop"

Inside Dumbledore's office.

I was ecstatic when I got to walk into Dumbledore's office, muttering "lemon drop" under my breath just to enter. It's silly, but tiny little pleasures mattered when you travel alone. What truly surprised me through the tour was that I wasn't even on my headphones, a first through the trip because I wore them all the time. This was the magic of the studio tour.

I've got more to share where this has been, but having too many pictures in a single post will never be good. So until my next post where I show you the second half of the tour, and a lot more of my face...mischief managed.

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