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Of fresh starts and better times ahead, Happy 2016 to you all! I guess as you grow, you don't really build resolution lists simply because sometimes it feels like you wouldn't really remember them as well? And other times it could just be that you don't bother. At all. But I'm one for traditions and as traditions go, I cannot live without a resolution list for the year. This year, just as the last, I'll just live with 5.

Yes, I know this says 2 but really, I have 5 things on the list... 

THIS 2016 I'D LIKE TO...
  • Love my family more
It's been an exciting year for the Lam family in 2015, and in 2016, we're looking forward to extra surprises. I can't really help but to think that I haven't been around much though, possibly because I'm always trying to avoid traffic when it's time to get off work and I seem to always boggle around going away for holidays and such. So maybe in 2016, I could do better. Hopefully.

  • Travel to Japan 
When my mother first told me that I will fall in love with the idea of going on trips and adventures after my UK holiday, I immediately thought she was right. There was no doubt in my love for travelling and there is no doubt that I will make this a yearly affair. The only difference here is that I didn't decide where to go last year, but this year it's all set in stone. にほんへいきます!

  • Pick up on my Project 365
For those of you who don't know, I completely failed my Project 365 when I did it in 2014. While I was highly inspired to take a picture of myself everyday after watching several successful Project 365s, it evidently became difficult from the timing issue and my vanity kicked in where ugly photos would be deleted and a whole lot of rubbish like that. So in 2016, I'm going to attempt it again. Let's see where this brings me for the year.

  • Really learn Muay Thai
I know I started classes in 2015, but things became so half-assed especially after my UK trip that I have to guiltily say my wraps are now at a corner rotting. So in 2016, God forbid that my job doesn't kill me so I could make it to classes every other day. Say...3 times a week? Fingers crossed, because this also connects to my entire hope to lose weight. Every year. *Sigh*

  • Chase my dreams
Because time is running out, and there is nothing more that I want than to see that one dream come true. You'll see when it's time.

An ode to 2016, please be kind!

And until'll be seeing my UK posts again after this!

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