When Shop-ping becomes ShopBack, even on Expedia

By Elie - 5:37 AM

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Hold on to your eggs if you're looking to throw any at me, because today's post isn't about UK! Nope, but I am here to talk about my crazy shopping habits that will probably leave me broke and single, yet happy in my mountain of clothes as I continuously travel. Read on.

So I'm sure a lot of you, like myself, have either gotten sick and tired of Chinese New Year shopping in malls or that you're just not bothered. Seriously, with all that traffic and parking woes...and more traffic, wouldn't it just be easier to shop online?

Like, hello there, my favourite clothing site!

What I discovered lately however, is that on top of the savings I get from these websites, there is also another site called ShopBack that would give me cashback deals for every "checkout" I click on. Yup, you can actually earn cashback on your online shopping with ShopBack! So what exactly is this ShopBack thing? 

They're really good with cute arts! 

Think of it as a website that offers you deals on top of your deals, and for every time you "Checkout" from your shopping cart, ShopBack immediately gives you cashback to your account within 48 hours. And once that happens, you can click "Cash out" so they would credit the money back to your bank account, and immediately! 

Here's some graphics for example's sake. 

So imagine if you've gone on a rampage (Especially since it is Chinese New Year and everyone needs new clothes, yes!) online, CashBack just keeps giving you your money back! Crazy or what? And no, they don't only cater to clothes shopping but tons of other sites too! 

Seriously, people. Even Sephora and Expedia.my is with them! 

That's right, you can actually be travelling and still get money back for it, especially when you enjoy daily Expedia coupons from the CashBack site. Now you can't say that I've only been bragging about my trip, because I sometimes also share the good stuff, like interesting Chinese New Year deals that ShopBack now has. 

Chop, chop people! Chinese New Year is in 4 days, so get shopping with ShopBack, or regret it as you sulk at the corner in your old clothes this Chinese New Year! Psst, here's RM 5 to get you started when you sign up through my link: CLICK ME FOR FREE MONEY! Happy shopping, okay bye I'm going to check my shopping cart out.

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