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Hello blog space! You're not exactly the most happening place right now, but I do enjoy swinging by to drop a word or two occasionally. I hope that's alright, especially since I'm setting out to document on my staycation series and adventures that I've been on with my other half. So what exactly IS a staycation?

Shot by the boyfriend. 

Basically it's a vacation that you take, except you're not exactly out of the country or even that much out of the city you live in. It's been something my boyfriend and I have adopted, and we've so far had quite a lot of fun just hopping around and experiencing new places around the city. And then one day it struck me, why haven't I been carefully documenting these moments so I could look back at it when I'm older? And bam. Staycay Series! From hereon I'll try and document the places we've been in and let you guys in on spots to have a staycation; whether with your family or friends, or significant other. And I'm kicking it off with...

Container Hotel.

Located along Jalan Delima in KL, Container Hotel features 4 different types of rooms to suit different needs. I remember coming across it for the first time ever when a friend of mine shared her stay with her friends on Instagram and I've been interested to drop them a visit since. But years has passed and I've sort of forgotten about them until recently when more and more articles came about to talk about having staycations and I thought it would be a good start for the boyfriend and I to get used to sort of co-exist, given our grand plan around October. 

"Tank" you for choosing Container Hotel.

The first thing you'll notice about the hotel is that it's a fuss-free space. You won't get amenities like swimming pools or even a proper lobby, but they do have a big Chatime right outside. This refurbished tank right here is their reception desk, and you'll be tagged into the "hotel" space once you hand them your reservation code. We've been there twice, and had to drop them a RM 50 deposit on both occasions, so I assume that's a norm.

The courtyard. 

You'll immediately be led into the courtyard, which is surprisingly windy come evening but also pretty comfortable in the afternoon. They have fans on the ceiling, clearly so you can just sit around and chill if you don't want to get out of the hotel space and neither do you want to be cooped in your room. 

A different kind of lounge.

They've also got a separate space they call a lounge if you just walk along the courtyard, and it's just free to use whenever you wish to. It's fully air-conditioned (You just have to turn it on when you enter, and remember to switch it off when you leave) and almost soundproof, so you could just enjoy some chilled music of any sort when you're inside. 
 The Concrete Rooms.

While we didn't bunk in the Concrete Rooms on both occasions, I found these tubes rather interesting because they apparently housed a queen size bed with complete bedding needs and two towels...but that's just it. You've got to come out to the common bath and toilet, which makes it quite interesting and economically friendly on your wallet if you're into the backpack lifestyle. We did take a peek into the room and it IS pretty tiny, but it's more than enough for you to just unwind through the evening.

Container Deluxe Rooms.

But of course, you can't be called Container Hotel without having containers around which is why the core of the hotel are rooms made of our refurbished containers. We were comfortably housed in one of these containers, and it felt just right at a "just enough" basis. The good thing about the deluxe rooms was that it came with private bathrooms, so you didn't have to share at the common bath. Digital safes are also provided, though we had issues with them...twice.

A queen sized bed - shriveled bed sheets because I rolled on it before I remember to take pictures.

Co-sharing bath and toilet space.

The rooms in general are fuss-free: You walk in and there's a sink and mirror on your right, the shower and toilet is on your left, and then there's the queen sized bed about 5 steps ahead. It is after all just a container. They've also mounted a 32" TV on the walls however, and the ledge provided us extra seating comfort whenever we didn't want to be overly engrossed to just nap on the soft bed. Power plugs are aplenty in the room, with basic shower amenities such as towels, shower gel, and shampoo provided. You'll have to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste though because oral hygiene is important, and Container Hotel doesn't give you those.
It is highly recommended that you're comfortable with who you bunk with in the room though, because the shower and bath is merely separately by a sheet of glass door. The beds were really comfortable on both occasions, with clean sheets and 4 very fluffy pillows to boot. What I thought was lacking in the room however was proper lighting as it could get a little dim come nightfall and there wasn't much lights in the room. It does get extreme sunlight in the day, but how often are you IN a hotel room in the day anyway right?
When night falls.

Shot by the boyfriend v2. 
This was why we planted ourselves in the lounge come evening time, because it was better lit and also far more comfortable as a space to work. We were lucky to have "owned" the lounge at most times, and just blasted music as we went along. It was also nice to be able to order Chatime and have it sort of delivered to you as you wait in the hotel, simply because it's smack outside. I believe it's a discussion between both the managements for these convenient arrangements, and that's as much a room service as you will get. 

Ohai there. 

Getting around Container Hotel is pretty easy as well, with GRAB and UBER apps working seamlessly because you're pretty centrally located. It only costs about RM 3 to get to the Pavillion and Bukit Bintang areas, while parking spaces are free outside the hotel. They're limited and come at a first come, first served basis however, so you probably wouldn't want to move out once you've parked your car there. 

Verdict: The hotel is a good catch if you're into fuss-free staycations - backpacker style. It's quite affordable as well, and they occasionally run promotions for a 2 nights' stay over the price of 1 on their Facebook page. Would I stay again? In a heartbeat.

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