Staycay Series: Central 65 Hostel, Singapore

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Has it truly been a little over 2 weeks since I've came over to my blog? I don't know, time's running just a tad bit too quick. I guess then there's no time to ponder, because my staycay series await! I guess this shouldn't REALLY be parked under a staycay considering I did go overseas, but it was far too short to be called a proper holiday as well. And no, this is a sponsored post! So where could I have gone? 

Boom chika bow wow, hello Singapore! 

I had planned to visit Singapore since mid-June in hopes of catching the end bits of the Pokemon Cafe at Bugis (More on that later), just before they were taking it away and bam! There I was in Singapore! It was quite a surprise trip with me hopping onto a bus and making my way to my neighbouring country, with everything confirmed just about a week before. But that's what adventures are all about right? 

A place to call abode for 2 nights. 

Because I was taking a solo trip, I figured that everything should be on budget - the travelling, the stays, and even the shopping. In fact I only had SGD 97 with me throughout my trip, and I'm still trying to figure out how I've survived. And so after much considerations and setbacks, I decided to pick out a pod in this hostel called Central 65 Hostel that was smack on Jalan Besar. 

Pod style! 

That's right, Central 65 Hostel is a place that features pod-style living and it's been something I've always wanted to try. This meant you'd have to share a room with other people, but you obviously have your own bed and whatever not. So think of it as a dormitory in a boarding school or camp, just more glamorous.

Curtains for privacy.

And certainly not for the claustrophobic. 

While I was initially looking forward to a little pod with two walls between me, I was quite glad to be given the one where I could gain entrance without crawling in as it did seem a little tightly squeezed. You'd have to have really good climbing skills in this one. Necessities such as a clean linen, a blanket, and a pillow was provided but that was really it. You'd have 2 lockers - one for your luggage, and one for your important things that's screwed to the pod. That's also where the power socket is, so you can charge your electronics. 

Shower space. 

Bathroom space was also shared, and they don't provide towels or toiletries; but at only RM 80 for a night, what do you truly expect? These spaces were split into two - a shower room, and a toilet with shower which were essentially cramped into one tiny cubicle. There was a communal sink for you to brush your teeth and wash your face, but that was all there is to the bathroom. 

Hygiene was one of my main concerns, and the bathroom was my least favourite of Central 65 Hostel. It truly didn't help either that I love taking showers so it was very crucial that this space was clean, but it was the exact opposite in Central 65 so I ended up with extremely quick and unsatisfying showers throughout my stay. 

Bright and open.

Free to use jacuzzi.

Sheltered from the rain.

They did however have a very nice communal rooftop on the 6th floor of the building, as well as a jacuzzi that the guests were welcome to take a dip in. I clearly wouldn't get close to it from hygiene worries, but I did see a few people having some good time in it. The space above was highly comfortable, however WiFi was an issue as it clearly couldn't make its way up. 

A cafe for your meals.

Computers just don't cut it, MACs do.

And free breakfast daily! 

Speaking of the WiFi, I had major issues with it throughout my stay and I panicked when I first arrived because I couldn't connect at all. How was I ever going to tell my family and other half I had made it to Singapore and found my hostel in one piece? Well, I sort of used the MAC computers in the lobby that was free for all. The staff were really helpful though, even going through the trouble of restarting their routers so I could try again. I did connect, but only for a brief moment. 

There's also a cafe by the lobby itself, serving up local specialties like fried rice and noodles, or you could also help yourselves to the free breakfast that was served daily from 7 AM to 9.30 AM. Instant noodles and drinks are aplenty as well, but if you're in Singapore...why have instant noodles? 

Travel companion. 

I guess as an overall, the stay was just satisfactory. I did enjoy the experience of living in a pod and just having bits of adventure, and the location of the hostel was truly fantastic. I took a kick out of walking to the Bugis and Farrer Park MRT stations daily, so I thought that was a real plus. The air-conditioning was also just right, and the fact that they had females-only dormitories just sealed the deal for me. 

So would I stay here again? Well, maybe not. There's a whole lot of other hostels to try in Singapore, but if you're looking for somewhere affordable as well as convenient, then maybe Central 65 Hostel could be a start. 
Pros: The location, pricing, and friendly staff. Female-only dormitories also make for extra safety for female guests! 

Cons: Washroom was a little dirty, and the WiFi was horrible.  

134 Jln Besar, Singapore 208852
+65 6298 0015 

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