Meeting Japan: Kyoto Station

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Since my previous post ran a little too long, I decided to dedicate one solely to the amazing Kyoto Station that officially blew my mind for being just a train station to many.

This is the Kyoto Station. 

Opened in 1997, the Kyoto Station serves trains from the JR line, Kintetsu Railways, and the Karasuma Subway line as well as an array of city buses and overnight buses that come from far and near. It also houses 3 different shopping malls, and has 2 main attractions such as the observation deck on top of the station building, and the glass Skyway tunnel that connects people from one end of the station to the other about 11 floors up. 

Kyoto Tower!

Simply beautiful.

From the outside, you'll also be greeted with a sight of the beautiful Kyoto Tower that lights up come nightfall and the sight is something that you wouldn't be able to forget. People flow in the Kyoto Station is amazing, as you see them rushing from one platform to the other and others bidding goodbye as though it were an airport.

On the other side.

Overlooking the observation deck.

Kyoto Station however also has its calmer side that overlooks the rest of Kyoto, and is beautiful when viewed at night as the city lights up. It's a vastly different sight from what is supposed to be a very traditional Kyoto. Other amenities includes hotels, tourist information counters, a theater, an art museum, and a whole lot of eateries such as the ramen floor where it's just ramen restaurants after ramen restaurants across the entire floor of the shopping mall. 

It's a true hustle and bustle kind of location, and if you'd like to just stop by to grab some Japan vibes, perhaps you could also look into visiting the 2nd floor Big Stairway of Kyoto Station where over 15,000 LED lights illuminates the 171 stairs for a spectacular light show of Kyoto's scenery and other specialties.

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