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By Elie - 4:30 AM

Days since my last post: 3

I guess since my last post was so photo heavy, I should have split up what we did the entire day. As I mentioned, we had a really short day considering how hectic our previous days had been and so we dwelled back into Osaka city after visiting the Momofuku Ando Ramen Museum to discover a place that would just take ALL our money away.


As I type this, I actually have the Yodobashi Camera song in my head because it just kept looping on and on through the several hours (and multiple trips) that we were there. So what's this magical black hole?

Welcome to Yodobashi Camera Umeda. 

It is basically a building with 8 floors of the most random things you can ever imagine, spanning from electronics likes cameras, phones, and headphones to household products such as massage chairs or musical instruments, as well as things for hobbies and collectibles such as Gundam and Nanoblock, or LEGOs and anime premiums. You'll also find gaming consoles, toys, clothes, a floor dedicated to food, and a whole lot more that I cannot even remember anymore.

And Gashapon.

Rows and rows of Gashapon.

Headphones. Go crazy trying.

Yodobashi Camera also offers tax-free shopping for foreigners ie. myself so if we spend ¥5,000 and above, we get 8% rebate from the prices shown as a tax exemption. It's done right there and then guys, and fuss free.

And then I saw heaven.

Nanoblock heaven.

Every floor boasted a different item, and when I finally hit the 4th floor of Yodobashi Camera Umeda, I was greeted by the glorious sales of Nanoblock. The selections are aplenty, and prices are definitely better than back home especially after the 8% tax exemption. Had it not been for Malaysia's terrible exchange rate, I would have definitely cleared the shelves for everything I wanted. 

Gundam heaven. 

I also lost my other half in this section, where we went our own ways and only remained connected via the free WiFi that Yodobashi Camera provided. And speaking of Japanese hospitality, the staff at Yodobashi Camera definitely does not fall short because all I had to do was ask about the brand new London Nanoblock set that had literally been released only days before my visit, and they very kindly brought one out from the store room for me...even though they were really only going to put it on the shelves the next day. I was ecstatic, and wouldn't stop jumping around after. So glad nobody knows me in Japan.

Photographed with the person who paid for it.

I think the one thing my other half regrets the most saying through the trip was that I could pick ANYTHING I wanted, just ANYTHING at all to be my birthday present. And so a man and his ¥7,000 (after tax exemption and other discounts) were parted. Rest assured he had a very happy and extremely contented girlfriend throughout the trip after.

Loot of the day.

Packing for space estimation.

But I wasn't the only person who left with bags and bags of shopping, as one of the boxes above was also made to be his very early Christmas present. Among other things were also things I helped my friend buy, and we ended up going home really late. We also began to pack our bags so we knew how much more space we had in our luggage for further shopping purposes. This was our first and definitely not the final visit to Yodobashi Camera in the span of our stay but we surely spent the most on this day.

P/S: If you're ever wondering how the Yodobashi Camera song sounds like... 

You're welcome.

Yodobashi Camera Umeda
Open daily from 9.30 AM - 10 PM

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