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I hope it's not too late for me to first wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! If you've been like me; binging on honey bacon, fried crabsticks, and fried prawn rolls, then you probably know how...uhm...rounded I feel at this moment. Seriously, Chinese New Year is the bane of all diet plans gone to waste and whatever workouts are just to make yourself feel better when in actual fact 2 pieces of pineapple tarts will bring your efforts to waste. Luckily for me though, this year I'm combating it with the Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants!

Thank you for making me less round this year!

Made popular for their slimming and fitness products that helps their consumers look better and fitter, Jonlivia now features the Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants that's perfect for almost every occasion! Made of 85% neoprene and 15% nylon, the hotpants has been known to help you sweat even when you're doing nothing...just as it is doing while I pen this blog post.

100% original neoprene!

The breathable, water wicking material makes wearing the pants extra comfortable, and the stretchable fabric is like a match make for all types of workouts including regular squats and runs, and even higher intensity stuffs like kickboxing and muay thai! 

And a back pocket with zipper!

For workouts away from home or the gym, Jonlivia has even included a little pocket at the back for us to store our belongings such as money and IC. Unfortunately it's a little tiny for bigger things like my phone, so I'd still have to wear an armband if I want to go on a run. The pants also create a friction like sound when your legs rub together that goes, "Shh shh", presumably from the 100% original neoprene material but it's nothing of concern because you'll get used to it eventually.

Care instructions.

If you're like me and have never worn a pair of neoprene pants, Jonlivia has even included care instructions embedded into their pants. Washing is by hand in cold water mixed with a little detergent only, and we just have to wring it dry after. It does take a little effort to pull these pants up at one go, and I actually think they work a little like compression pants, except more comfortable. They also smell a little when you first open them open but after a wash or two, the neoprene smell wears off so no worries on that.

4 ways to style the Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants

Truth be told when I first got the pants, I actually thought it would only be good for workouts. As it turns out however, the pants are also perfect for casual wear, office wear, or even for a comfy home wear! Here's how: 

 For casual days.
 A pair of Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants, a loose tank, and slippers! 

It's the most effortless combination if you ask me, cause the Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants doubles as jeggings! I can literally just walk out to malls like these and people probably don't even know that I'm wearing a pair of pants that can help me sweat while I'm shopping! 

 For office wear!

I paired it with my other half's shirt for an office day, and it was the best decision ever! My office is sometimes also known as the North Pole and these pants provided me with so much warmth through the day! I also folded the ankles a little for a bit of aesthetics, and I thought it was just right! 

For home wear.

This was me for the most of Chinese New Year, wearing an oversized tee paired with the Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants and chilling at home! It was just right because for most of the times at home, I was just binge eating on snacks and catching up on k-drama. So while I was having food intake, I was also sweating... geddit? Input and output logic.

And of course, for workouts!

Super stretchy for times when I need a high kick!

The best thing to do with these Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants however, is definitely to use them as workout pants. It's like getting double the workout effort when you're really doing it once because the pants help you sweat about triple to quadruple times more. It was also really stretchy so I could do high kicks from my Muay Thai classes effortlessly. Doing squats and running in them was pretty comfortable because you don't quite feel the sweat, but it's there. It's possibly what I love best about the pants because sweating is the bane of my life...hence why I am fat anyway. 

You can get your own Jonlivia S+ Air Hotpants from their official website here from just RM 118 and sizes run from XS to 3XL! These pants also come in shorter versions and you can grab other Jonlivia products such as the waist trimming belt, and a woman slimming shirt shaper for all your beauty needs. 

Disclaimer: These pants were provided by Jonlivia for review purposes, but all opinions have not been affected in any way.

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