Visiting Vietnam: Tan Son Nhat International Airport

By Elie - 9:35 AM

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Perhaps you are questioning, what could I possibly want to mention on the Vietnam airport? Well then let me begin by saying... 

They have sleep zones. 

That's right! Right at the departure halls of Tan Son Nhat International Airport lays what they call the Sleep Zone and you'll see sleeping pods for rent at USD 7 an hour. These pods have single beds in them with a charging port, and is safely lockable inside. You can bring your luggage into the pods, but that's about all the space they have in the pod. We decided to rent one to share, and took 30-minute naps each. 

Lazy chairs with charging ports.

And lay down sofas for the shameless.

I'd have to say I was one of the shameless ones for 30-minutes while my other half rested in the pod, but I was amazed at how much thought the airport authorities had put in to create a sleep zone for tired travellers just waiting for their flights. I'd have to say that waiting for our flights is one of the most tiring things ever, but these sleep zones are just from another world.

This is Pho Xin Chao.

And if you have just a little more money to spend, you could always pick up a last minute Vietnam souvenir just as my other half did for me. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Pho Xhin Chao - a combination of one of Vietnam's most popular foods, the Pho and their greeting for hello, Xin Chao. 

With that, it concluded our trip of visiting Vietnam, with no more flight tickets to spare. We're going head on for bigger adventures together, but until my next flight with the other half... maybe I'll just go back to making more staycation memories!

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