Hello 25

By Elie - 6:00 AM

Hello 25.

That's me today at the age where many would assume I can be officially be named an adult. The dreaded age of which "Quarter life crisis" officially applies to me as an issue and an excuse. But at 25, I feel no different that how I was at 24. So is age just a number? Well not quite.

A reminder of me at 25

For one I feel different. There is this sudden surge of responsibility swamping over my thoughts, and my bank account definitely agrees. There are talks of bigger things like homes, cars, and a future I would have never imagined a while back. I mean come on, I can't even make up my mind on what's for dinner so why are people asking me about what I plan to do 10 years down the road?

But here I am anyway, having made it to the quarter life point and making grand plans for myself and my loved ones all the same. At 25, I don't think I've done too bad in life either. I've got a stable job and learning more things than I could ever imagine, I'm getting hitched in about a month and a half, we've got a home to settle with in about a year, my family is doing great through the memories we make day in and day out...what more can I ask for?

I always thought it was funny however, that on your birthday everyone wishes you and yet nobody takes the moment to say something to the ones who truly strived for your being. And I'd like to change that to say my thanks. To the people who stood by my side through thick and thin. To those who still treats me like the child I am, despite adulthood looming over my head. And for the unconditional love they've showered upon me even before I was born. To my father who taught me manners. To my mother who taught me how to be strong. And to my brother who made that bet 25 years ago with my mother's gynaecologist that I would be a baby girl.

Happy birthday to you all too

So this is my entry, one that I would hopefully look back at in about 10 years from now to wonder what I had in mind. I am contented. I am happy. And there's nothing better than that to celebrate today.

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