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By Elie - 7:02 AM

Days since my last post: 12 

I'm here, I'm alive...and I'm missing the ridiculously lavish experience I had at Villa Samadhi Singapore by Samadhi so much! So the story goes like this...

The life changing contest

On the 25th of October 2017, I'd been casually scrolling through Instagram when I came across this post by Lifestyle Asia KL. If you didn't already know, they're an e-news site for all things finer in life across KL and if you stalk their social media channels enough, you'd probably get lucky with the contests and giveaways they hold. And get lucky I did. Basically all I had to do was to follow their social media feeds - which I already had been doing, then tell them why I deserved a getaway with someone of my choice. 

The best announcement ever

I think it was about a week later when they made the announcement, but I really didn't give much thought to it because I was never THAT lucky with contests after all. When I saw that they had tagged me, I thought it was for passes to the Samadhi Carnival 2017 but boy was I in for a surprise. That...that was me! That's my username on the announcement comment stating that I had won a 2D1N stay at Villa Samadhi Singapore! I scrambled to reply them with whatever details they needed, screaming at my other half that we could go to Singapore and not stay in hostels anymore! 

And to Singapore we went!

We made the trip on the 28th of April this year, the day before his birthday so that we could check-in to Villa Samadhi Singapore on his birthday itself instead of being on the road. Because the voucher we got only granted us a 2D1N stay, we had to make do at an Airbnb on our first night and that stay taught me that staying in the city is extremely important when you're traveling. Never again, outskirts.

It was the first time he played in public for me

Despite how tiring we felt after the entire day of running up and down, trying to pack in as much as we could in the first day because we wanted to make the most of the trip, I'd say going on the getaway was worth it. I learned that my other half definitely had much more patience compared to me and at times of exasperation, he would just say, "That's okay we'll figure it out". 
That photography skill

He also excelled in taking photos of me, regardless of how sticky I'd become after a long day of adventuring. The perfect #InstagramHusband material, I'd say. By the end of the day, we'd spent the entire trip just eating Japanese food that it almost seemed like we were trying to tell ourselves we had gone to Japan. Not happening with the current financials we have. 

We also stopped for cake

We had cake on his birthday obviously, and it was at Antoinette - Mandarin Gallery. We were introduced by a friend of mine, Tania and I'd say the cake was really good. It had perfect tinges of cake and Earl Grey mousse - a personal favourite although it's not so much a birthday boy liking. But you know, what I want, I get. 
Blessed birthday again, husband

I'd hope as I write about this experience all over again that my husband remembers the time we went to Singapore for his birthday, then went all over the city in a slightly tipsy mode because he had drinks at lunch. I'd hope he remembers the good times we had when we experience the bad in the future, and that perhaps everything is solvable by cake. Really now, let's go have cake in Singapore again.

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