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Hello blog! I'm back again on the last day of October to talk birthday celebration. I mean, birthdays now last an entire month, don't they? Anyway, I guess you could say I'm not the most diligent blogger out there, but I do try. If you remember reading from my last post, I was in Malacca for this year's 26th birthday celebration and my other half opted out of the regular backpacker stay just because it's a special occasion. This is why we picked...

Modern Cave Boutique Stay

Located about 10 minutes away from Jonker Street on foot, Modern Cave Boutique Stay is a home-turned-hotel that went fairly viral on social media previously. It's gorgeous aesthetics paired with an affordable price became the main points for its hype, and when we first arrived we could actually see why.

A comforting greet

For starters, it's a bit of a walk away from Jonker Street so it's way cleaner and way quieter when you need a grab a shut eye regardless the time of day. Given, it is located in a housing area and everyone else around you looks more like locals than anything so it feels like you're living in a home than a hotel. The "lobby" of Modern Cave Boutique Stay is actually just the lower floor of the bungalow, and shoes aren't allowed to maintain tip top cleanliness on the inside.

It's almost like home, except it isn't

Modern Cave Boutique Stay offers unlimited filtered water, coffee, tea, biscuits, and other simple necessities such as clean towels and toiletries so it's perfect for those who are on an adventure with just a backpack and nothing else. It's not the easiest spot for Grab drivers to find however, and I don't blame them because it is actually a housing area after all.

A comfortable queen sized bed

For this stay, we picked the Standard Private Double Room off Agoda because we didn't actually want to share toilets. The room was reasonably sized - ample for a queen sized bed and just enough space for bags and walking around for 2. To be fair, I always find that the most important points to a hotel is that it is clean and safe, regardless of its size. After all, you're just in there to get some shut eye and grab a shower! 

Which brings me to the private washroom

The washroom featured a rain shower, though I would have appreciated a handheld shower head instead because I'm not a fan of getting my hair wet in the morning. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the water pressure in that washroom and my other half most times refused to get out of the toilet because the water heater was really, REALLY hot even when we only set the temperature at half.

For chilling purposes

If you're not a fan of staying in your room but you're not too keen to walk out of the hotel, Modern Cave Boutique Stay also features hang out areas where you can simply chill about. They're equipped with air-conditioning for comfort and relies on natural sunlight in the day. Of course, you can just turn the lights on at night but they do advocate saving electricity in the hotel so be sure to turn it off when you're done.

More chill areas

As an overall, we spent 2 nights at Modern Cave Boutique Stay and felt it was really rather comfortable for a short getaway. My ultimate love was the fact that they were located a 3-minute walk away from the Sun May Hiong Satay House, a restaurant that specializes in pork satay and a unique pineapple infused peanut sauce. I go there every time we visit Malacca and always end up with about 20 to 25 sticks of pork satay. 

Would I return? I'd say I'm rather torn in this decision because it is fairly far from Jonker Street, especially if you've spent an entire day out and you're too lazy to walk back to your humble abode. I do love that it was really clean and the staff were really friendly and helpful, so perhaps if I'm not looking to hang out so much where the hype and buzz is then I'd definitely re-visit Modern Cave Boutique Stay once again.

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