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Hey peeps! Picture this: You're really full from a lunch or dinner appointment. Someone mentions "desserts". Your stomach immediately opens up its expandable storage space and what better way to fill it up than with a trip to Namelaka Patisserie along Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar?

Why hello there
Every corner just as Instagrammable
Photo by Isabel by TheIsabelLee
Pronounced "Na-me-la-ka" and bearing the meaning "creamy texture" in Japanaese, this newcomer to the Bangsar dessert scene serves up high quality sweets that are not like any other. In fact if you're looking for the usual suspects such as cakes, pies, and tarts, then Namelaka Patisserie is not the place for you. Instead, you'll find as you walk up the stairs beside KK Mart that you'll be entering a patisserie that serves up an interesting array of handmade artisanal desserts all made from the heart. 

Such as their very first fruit collection
Photo by Tania of Sugoidays

Made of premium ingredients such as white chocolate, ganache montee (whipped chocolate ganache), fruits, and various spices for selected a few selected "fruits", these desserts are definitely meant to be a feast for both the eyes and your tummy. For starters, the cream used to create each dessert has to actually be prepared 2 days in advance and the white chocolate shell is so temperature sensitive that it would unfortunately melt in just 30 minutes. That's why Namelaka Patisserie highly suggests that you enjoy their desserts in-house, although take away orders are available but should be consumed within 30 minutes. 

Green Apple, RM 19
Photo by Tania of Sugoidays 

Made with chocolate, apple ganache montee, apple gel, fresh apple cubes, and dill, the Green Apple is a pick for those whose palettes are on the lighter side and are hoping for something that isn't overly cloying yet still flavourful. While I definitely didn't taste the dill as mentioned, I did enjoy the fluffiness of the namelaka cream which makes a good substitute for regular creams because it's not as oily and thick as usual desserts. I also loved the crunch of the green apples that surprisingly did not go soft in the dessert, so that's a plus point if you want something with a bite.

Orange, RM 21
Photo by Tania of Sugoidays

Next on the menu was the Orange which was made of white chocolate, orange ganache montee, orange gel, marmalade, fresh orange segment, and Timut pepper. Again - did not quite taste a lot of pepper in the Orange, but I enjoyed the citrusy touch of the fresh orange segments in this choice. While not extremely outstanding, the Orange at Namelaka Patisserie is good for those who likes just a tinge of  sourness in their lives to ease the bloat from a heavy meal yet still get the natural sweetness from the fruits used for a satisfying end to your meal time.

Pear, RM 21
Photo by Tania of Sugoidays

A surprising favourite for myself, the Pear is made of white chocolate, pear ganache montee, pear gel, and fresh pear cubes. This is a personal favourite and I was quite taken aback because I'm regularly not a big fan of pears. This dessert however won me over the most for its overall refreshing-ness it boasted and I couldn't stop digging right into it. Aromatic and just slightly crunchy, the Pear is definitely something I suggest ordering if you like a dessert that hits every note just right.

Lemon, RM 23
Photo by Tania of Sugoidays

According to the founder of Namelaka Patisserie, there are 2 types of people when it comes to the Lemon at their shop - they either love it or they don't. I belong to the latter, and I was genuinely surprised at how much I couldn't bring myself to climb into the former group. Made of white chocolate, lemon ganache montee, lemon gel, lemon marmalade, fresh lemon segments, and fresh mint leaf, the Lemon definitely proved overly sour for my liking and I couldn't help but squirm after every spoonful. A brief chat with the founders revealed that they actually use a whole lemon into making each of these Lemon desserts, which would explain why it's such a shocker to your tastebuds. It's definitely good if you're looking for a wake up call at Namelaka Patisserie, but I would give this a pass when I visit next.

Passion Fruit, RM 23
Photo by Tania of Sugoidays

And finally, it's the Passion Fruit. Made with white chocolate, ginger ganache montee, passion fruit gel, and fresh passion fruits, this is also another pick from the Fruit Series that people can be divided extremely clearly by. Luckily for me, I love ginger - mostly for its wind expelling qualities, and the ginger ganache montee was an interesting touch to taste in a dessert. Slightly spicy yet mostly sweet and sour, the Passion Fruit is a nice piece to end your journey with at Namelaka Patisserie, though it should definitely be avoided if you don't like ginger in your food. Or desserts for this matter.

Good food indeed.

Do note that if you'd like, the Fruits Combo does go for RM 149 a set and you'll get all 5 Fruits of the Day. This requires a 2 day advance ordering however, mostly to ensure you'll get the freshest desserts through their extensive preparation methods.

Namelaka's Party Cake, RM 220
To be released

As a special yet-to-be-released preview, the founder of Namelaka Patisserie also let us in on the Namelaka Party Cake that they plan to introduce in the coming days. Made of the same ingredients as the Fruits Series, these little pops come in the flavours mentioned above - just in different shapes. They feature 25 pre-cut pieces so nobody has to be assigned to the "cake cutting" job during parties, everyone just grabs a piece and marvel at the taste of the dessert. Do bear in mind however that this is a product yet to be released, so if you're truly interested then perhaps you could drop them a message on their Facebook page.

And now the drinks!
Photo by Isabel of TheIsabelLee

But of course, what good would a dessert shop be without the appearance of unique drinks to wash down all the sweets right? Seen above is the Lychee Passionfruit Mojito and the Butterfly Pea Lemonade, both of which are priced at RM 13 each. While they sure do look pretty, I found that the mojito could have been a little less sweet and the lemonade needed a bit more lemony zing. Maybe it's best to order it with the Lemon dessert so you get just the right amount of citrusy kick? Meh, why don't you ask my shark about it on her Instagram account @IAMWINNIETHESHARK

One of those days
Photo by Tania of Sugoidays

As an overall, Namelaka Patisserie is a place that's filled with various surprises - from its unsuspecting desserts to the drinks they whip up and the hipsterifically Instagrammable space. For those who are looking out for their shop, it's located right above KK Mart along Jalan Telawi 2 and facing the side profile of Devi's Corner. Parking in the area may be scarce, so it's best to carpool or take a public transport if you want to have an enjoyable time here rather than rounding the area with your blood pressure on an all time high.

And with that, I wish to thank the tireless team at Namelaka Patisserie for the enjoyable review experience, and I'd definitely hope to see greater improvements in the desserts in the future. Disclaimer: This blog post was written after a review session by invitation only, but it has not affected my opinions in any way. I don't kid with food.

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